300-hours Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (Mon,Wed & Fri Morning) - Online Class option available - [ 31st August 2020 ~ 02nd December 2020]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

Very good course and teachers! I wish to have been more onsite, but with the current COVID measures the studio provided the option to attend the classes via online which is very good. Some topics covered during the class were given by the teacher during the class. Thanks
Student ID : 2020000191
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

I learned so much about Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Chakra, Yoga practice during pregnancy, yoga for elderly yoga and Anatomy. So facinating. Thank you all Masters and Anahata Yoga School
Student ID : 2019001803
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

I really enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot. Teachers were extremely knowledgeable and were able to pass their knowledge. The atmosphere was super pleasant and warm. Finally, other participants were great, we really connected and we were supporting each other. Thank you Anahata!
Student ID : 2019000509
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

– Increased my knowledge of human body, raise my awareness of my body when practicing yoga. – Learnt the different asana series, help to solve different issues of the body. Found out that many of the series are easy to do and suitable for everyone. – Increase the knowledge of meditation, including Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha. – After learning about Ayurveda, I know more about what diet and lifestyle are suitable for different people – I wish the course could have taught me more on how to improve our teaching skills, how to help students in achieving different poses.
Student ID : 2020000668
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

I’m very happy to learning yoga Therapy. The course is very concentre , interesting and complete. Thanks a lot again for your help during this few months and thank you for all the Masters.
Student ID : 2018000401
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

I enjoyed the course. learning the Ayurveda part is the best, well presented, good preparation, excellent knowledge, very helpful for us. Also, it Synchronises with the yoga therapy course content. Good reference on research studies.
Student ID : 2019002007
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

This course has changed and expanded my knowledge and attitude toward yoga completely. Through learning each mechanism of the body function, I have began to pay close attention to my condition, and through learning yogic and Ayurvedic approach toward various symptoms of diseases, I come to be able to understand which asana and pranayama could work as natural healing. This learning experience was very deep, and so it is still just the beginning. I would like to deepen my knowledge, while starting applying to myself and my important people in daily life. I would like to thank all teachers who devoted themselves into taking us students to this deep and interesting journey of yoga.
Student ID : 2020000685
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

After the training course, I will deepen my knowledge of how Ayurveda relates to different diseases and how to due to people who have a health problem with yoga poses with Ayurveda’s consideration.
Student ID : 2019001799
Batch Code : 2020/08/300/AM/OS/YTHETTC/HK/1

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