Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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All Masters that teach the training are knowledgeable, well-experienced and supportive. The course is all-rounded. We’re not only learn how to do the poses, it’s also know more about the yoga philosophy, pranayama or even sequencing. And the group classes and andiappan classes that provided from the training helped progress my yoga skill a lot. But the thing that it can improve is about class booking. It’s difficult to book some classes, especially Andiappan Class. It’s better to add more class for easier reserving. In general, the studio is good, no matter my yoga skill level is experienced or not. I definitely recommend this YTT course to my yogi friends.
Student ID : 2018001184
Student Name : Yan Chun Billy Leung

Thank you for all the professional master in Anahata .The unique teaching styles and all the suggestion are beneficial to my yoga pathway!
Student ID : 2018000895
Student Name : Wai Chung Rainy Wu

The 200hrs YTT course has equipped me with the knowledge about yoga history and theory, which made me understand that yoga is not only about physical practice, but also mental development. It is not the competition as well. you have to listen to your body and understand your limit. It takes time to strengthen the muscle and improve coordination. At the same time, I learnt the right way to approach the basic postures. Generally, I found it useful and practical. Hopefully I can gain some experience and then organize a small class to coach among my friends.
Student ID : 2018000974
Student Name : Wai Ting Stef Wong

Highly recommend the course to understand all aspects of Yoga - not just Asanas. Very knowledgeable and experienced instructors. The only wish was to have more practical lessons on asanas & teaching methods.
Student ID : 2017000853
Student Name : Cairu Lynn Chang

Good course content and all masters are very knowledgeable and experienced, thanks for their teaching. Namaste
Student ID : 2018001009
Student Name : Wai Lok Lee

Course Feedback This is the second teacher training at Anahata. and I find that I still make my right choice here. All Masters that teach the training are knowledgeable, well-experienced and supportive. During the training, we’re not only learn doing asana, theory there. We also meet different yogi friends that are also deeply dedicated to the yoga course. Besides training course, the group classes and Andiappan classes improve my yoga skills immensely and my knowledge of the asanas grow dramatically. During Andiappan classes, it’s more chance for me to interact with other classmates and let me assisting each other for doing certain poses. This is a really good way to learn that I have more experience to assist student when I teach in the future. But the thing that it can improve is about the class booking. It’s too difficult to book some classes , especially Andiappan Class. It’s better to add more class for easier reserving. In general, the studio is warm and welcoming, no matter my yoga skill level is experienced or not. I definitely recommend this YTT course to my yogi friends.
Student ID : 2018000729
Student Name : Yuen Mei Sonia Tang

Very well structured YTT module. All the masters were experienced and knowledgeable. They were willing to spend the time to explain the details when we had doubts. Such a fantastic experience and highly recommend to those who want to deepen your yoga practice! It's not just a qualification, it's a step towards a greater sense of purpose and self-growth.
Student ID : 2018001225
Student Name : Man Ting Sophie So

The course gives an overall understanding of the history and teachings of yoga and the foundation of basic asanas. It was a very inspiring course.
Student ID : 2018001299
Student Name : Sylvia Noronha

The masters were very professional and knowledgeable. The learning experience of my YTT journey was fantastic and I am looking forward to become a teaching volunteers for the Andiappan Community Yoga Projects!
Student ID : 2018000905
Student Name : Sui Yan Wong

The course was amazing. I learnt a lot about my body and yoga. The teachers were so helpful, always given their time to explain any confusing we had. The classes are different from other centers I been to. The location was in the heart of Central, very convivence. Staff are friendly. I'd recommend Anahata yoga to anyone who wants to obtain Yoga teaching Certificate or regular yoga practice.
Student ID : 2018001129
Student Name : Tina Lai

I really feel so enjoyable and learn the ethetic hatha yoga from all the Masters. They are all very nice and bring us a great view picture of the yoga Asana, as well as the philosophy of yoga. Before I joined Anahata, I just know about the goal to make the postures (Asana) to perfection. Now I know more deeper knowledges about it is not just postures, however the breathing technique, mindset, declipine and observant to ourselves are also essential elements to be a good yogi. The teacher training course also let me know the bigger pictures of how to be a good yoga teacher trainer, being humble, positive are also more important than just demonstrating the postures by commanding directly. I really love how their way to teach us. Thank you so much and I will continue to my yoga journey with all of you.
Student ID : 2018001235
Student Name : Doris Wong

Overall it's a fantastic experience! I felt I learnt a lot and more than I expected, as I've been hoping to gain more exposure and knowledge of yoga outside a typical class. And only by attending this course, I now understand there's so much more to yoga than just asanas and I feel more prepared as I continue to learn and further my practice!
Student ID : 2018001062
Student Name : Wing Cheung Jaden Law

I think overall the course increased our knowledge of Pranayama and Meditation. We've got 3 very capable masters with different teaching style. I would give a thumb up for all 3 masters. What I like about is the practicum. I had the opportunity to teach the class twice and learnt from Master Dhiraj and Master Yogananth about the teaching technique which is something more than I expected. What I think would be better is the school could consolidate everyone's contact in one group whatsapp so we would know each other more even after the course is over.
Student ID : 2019000188
Student Name : Beatrix Lee

It was a great foundation to yoga and got to understand there's a lot of information that goes into one pose. No matter it is how to get into a pose or that counterposes are just as beneficial. namaste!
Student ID : 2018001229
Student Name : Joyce Chan

There so many things we have to learn during this course. Each topic had much deeper and more complicated contents than I had expected. Yet thanks to masters, the classes were very satisfactory and I also enjoyed learning them. Master Dhiraj's meditation classes gave me a completely different experience of meditation. Master Vishnu was so enthusiastic as always and I was so impressed with his full knowledge of ayurveda. I appreciated that Master Yogananth shared his yoga therapy knowledge and experience over the course. Master Nirmal also shared his interesting point of view of Yoga Therapy. I wish there were more sessions so that we can continue learning on this subject.
Student ID : 2016000695
Student Name : Hiroko Nakano

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