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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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I feel so deeply why it is called Anahata because every master teaches from their hearts. Anahata gives us the best environment to improve our yoga skills since there are lots of interactions and communications with different masters and they are all give and teach unselfishly. I appreciate it very much. I highly recommend this teacher training to everyone who wishes to deepen their yoga journey under the guidance of professional yoga masters.
Student ID : 2019001653

I had a great experience in this 200 hours yoga teacher training. The course is well structured as it covers the history of yoga, anatomy, asanas, pranayama and practical classes. The masters are very experienced and professional. This course provides the fundamental and in depth knowledge for preparing someone who would like to be a yoga teacher in the future.
Student ID : 2019001912

The YTT has Widened my practice area, learning more efficient and safe way to achieve to the final poses, leading me to a correct path and making me stronger.
Student ID : 2018000482

Great experience to have first try on the advance poses. Thank you masters for helping me to achieve each goals steps by steps and giving me confidence.
Student ID : 2018000482

It is very important to have a group of positive, helpful and passionate friends to walk the path together. We have gone through a lot of things especially there has been so much going on in our society. The positive group atmosphere really brings us all together and it becomes an anchor for us to keep going.
Student ID : 2019001313

This is an absolutely remarkable journey! I have been practicing yoga since 2000 and never thought about taking yoga as training. For the past years I had been living in between Hong Kong and Europe, also had been traveling constantly to different countries. Wherever I went, I practiced yoga in order to get myself back together, gave myself some space to breathe and be authentic. Every time I came back I practiced at Anahata because I always knew that Master Yogananth and his professional team are the best. So, it is the right time to go into yoga seriously and I am ready to go further.
Student ID : 2019001313

I really like the instructors, they have each different strength and they help develop your mindset for preparation to become a better yogi.
Student ID : 2019001402

The 200YTT course in Anahata is awesome. Masters are very patient to explain the asana and guide you to enter to the postures correctly. Also,apart from asana, other topices like pranayama, mediation, anatomy are excellent and interesting. I love attending yoga class here.
Student ID : 2019001724

I started with some apprehension as some members who had attended the Advanced Level courses told me that the asanas taught were really intense and difficult, and the asanas shown in the course manuals appeared really challenging to me. However, after I have started, I realised that I was not alone in having that concern and I was not the only one not able to achieve the final position of quite a number of the poses taught. The important thing, it soon dawned on me, is that I was able to learn and understand how the more advanced asanas should be approached, including the warm-up, the detailed steps to come into the final pose, the modifications and variations, counterposes, etc.
Student ID : 2017000967

Level 2 was in effect a continuation of Level 1, just that different asanas were taught. The structure and teaching were pretty much the same and so my comments on Level 1 also apply here. I should add that as we have spent more time attending classes together, I got to know my course mates better and they encouraged me. We were therefore more ready to help each other which made the learning experience even better.
Student ID : 2017000967

I enjoyed the anatomy module very much. In this module, I knew more about yogic anatomy and physiology. It enhanced my knowledge in body function and movement. I think it can help me to prevent injury in practice.
Student ID : 2019001480

I am very blessed that I have such a wonderful YTT team practiced with me together both group classes and andiappan classes. We learnt a lot from all the masters who taught us from their deep hearts with full of patience and knowledgeable. This course guided me a completely new experience in my yoga journey. Highly recommended!
Student ID : 2019000029

It was a fruitful experience; I found many answers of my questions related to yoga. The anatomy module was very new and useful.
Student ID : 2018000577

The course is very good in allowing me to learn more different aspects in yoga and have a more in-depth learning on yoga asana. I do enjoy the course especially the yoga asana classes held by Master Yogananth and yoga anatomy by Master Vishnu. I would consider to continue my yoga leaning in Anahata Yoga in future. It would be great if you can consider to open more Andiappan classes in the other hours of the day or consider to change the graduation requirement from 30 Andiappan courses to 60 group classes.
Student ID : 2019001576

Feel so warm, all masters and mates are friendly, lovely. when i study my first YTT here, i feel like home.
Student ID : 2019000554

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