Agree to the Terms and Conditions

I understand  and agree that I must  submit  valid documents  that match the date of my requested suspension period. (Example: Medical Certificate, Confirmed Air Ticket etc).
I understand  and agree the suspension only applies for annual group memberships and not for private class packages and not for teacher trainings.
I understand and agree, for monthly dues membership I will be charged regular monthly dues until  the one year minimum obligation, suspension will only be considered after the minimum obligation period.
I understand and agree once the suspension is approved I cannot change, modify, extend and cancel the suspension period.
I understand and agree that no suspension is given for coupon packages.
I understand  and agree that I must give a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior notice together with the proof for the suspension request for travel reasons.
I understand  and agree all suspension requests must be made in advance. No retroactive suspensions are permitted.
I understand and agree my membership period will only be extended only after the payment of the suspension fee.
I also understand and agree that my suspension period is for minimum duration of one month and a maximum of two months over a twelve (12) months period, and that I will be charged HK$ 200 each month as admin fee. I further understand  and agree that during the suspension period I cannot use the Center’s facilities and  book classes.
I understand and agree that all the fees paid are non-refundable.
Reasons For Suspension


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Suspension Start Date

Suspension End Date

Supporting Document
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I agree to the terms and conditions of the suspension request.

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