Yoga Teacher Training Missed Classes/ Module Retake

If the student knows the dates he/she is going to miss before the start of the YTT.

  • Fill in the dates he/she is going to miss, in the YTT application form, or send an email with missing classes dates before the start of teacher training program.  please email to  and quote your IYATT-XXXX number mentioned in your welcome email.
  • Yoga course Admin Assistant will verify and he/she will be informed about replacement class dates by email.
  • Once the student confirms that he/she can retake the dates, those dates will be input in the student YTT management software schedule system.
  • If he/she can take it he/she will be issued a missed classes retake card which he/she need to bring to the replacement classes and show the teacher before or after the class and get it signed.
  • Yoga course Admin Assistant will check and verify the record before the YTT class.
  • No need to pay for the missed class retake fee as the retake class dates are approved by our affiliate college in india  and are confirmed before the start of the YTT.
  • Apart from the agreed dates, if the student is absent for other classes and if the student requests to retake those classes he/she needs to pay the missed classes to retake admin fee of HKD 500 per module and he/she can only take the missed classes mentioned in the missed classes retake card.

If the student is absent for some classes during the YTT and requesting to retake the missed class please follow the below steps.

  • If the student missed 3 or fewer classes, the topics can be revised during the revision week. The revision class will be arranged during the last week of the teacher training course. It is not necessary to retake the classes in another batch.
  • If the student missed more than 3 classes, send an email to  and list the dates of the missed classes.
  • He/she will be sent a link to pay the admin fee depending on the number of classes and
  • After confirmation of the payment, he/she will be informed about the replacement class dates by email.
  • If he/she can take the classes on those dates, he/she will be given a missed class retake card which he/she need to bring to the class and show the teacher before or after the class and get it signed.
  • Yoga course Admin Assistant  will check and verify the record before the YTT class.
Recommended group classes completion deadline
Once the admission to the course is confirmed any request to move to another batch for any reasons will incur an admin fee of HKD 1000 and it can be moved only once.  Andiappan Yoga class and recommended group classes expiry will remain with the originally joined course dates.
Please note students can change the type of the class in the recommended group classes list if they are not able to attend a certain class due to schedule difficulties.
Students should sign in at the reception for each class they attend to avoid attendance issues.

Change of Batch request:  Course fee once paid and admission confirmed, if student cannot attend the course he/she enrolled, the student can apply  for change of batch with a valid reason and supporting documents . The request must be made before the start of the class. There will be a processing fee for batch transfer is HKD 1000. The new batch requested for transfer should fall within six months from the original batch date. Click here to apply for change of batch request. 

Extension for Andiappan Yoga/ Recommended group classes : To extend the deadline of the Andiappan Yoga class and Recommended group classes, the minimum extension is one month and the maximum is three months.  The fee for extension will be HK$1000 per month. Click here to apply for extension.

Extension for Assignment Deadline: If you can not submit your assignment on or before the deadline, an administrative fee of HK$500 will be required before the due date and the maximum extension given will be an additional one month.  Click here to apply for extension. 

Student Course Status

Drop out – If a student choose to leave the course; not attend classes without any written notice and prior approval from management; fail to complete the practical assessment or assignment on or before the deadline set; he/she will be consider to have dropped out from the course and will not be eligible to receive the certification.

Re-take – If a student is absent for more than five classes without providing any supporting documents for the absence (such as medical certificate / proof of emergency), he / she will need to re-take classes missed.  There is an administrative fee to re-take the missed classes or modules as per the requirements.  The re-take classes must be completed within six months from the ending date of the original course dates the student signed up for.   Failure to re-take the classes missed will be considered as dropped out from the course.

Not Completed –
If a student fail to submit their assignment on time, finish the assessment, or have not attended any of the recommended group practice classes, they will be considered as “not completed” the course.  As such, they will need to complete these procedures within the assignment deadline.

The student will need to provide a written notice to the school and give credible reasons for not completing the assignment /assessment within the given deadline to be granted an extension.  If the extension is granted, there will be an administrative fee of HKD 500 to extend the assignment for one month. If it is necessary to assign the student to another batch to complete the assessment, the administrative fee will be HKD 1000.  If the whole process is not completed within three months of the original deadline, they will be considered as a drop out student.

DROP OUT  STUDENT  –  Once the three months deadline is over, Any drop out who wishes to complete the course has the option of retaking the classes as required and assigned by the teacher training administrator and faculty team and must complete the assignment and assessment process within the given deadline. A proper written request must be submitted to the course director and upon approval of application student will be advised on the next procedures. Such student has to pay 50% of the course fee to complete this process. 100% of attendance is compulsory for dropout – retake  students for all the assigned classes.

Points to note:

1) If the student would like to attend a whole module, he/she will have to pay the full module fee.

2) If the student is absent for less than 3 classes he/she can request to revise these topics during the revision week (During the Andiappan Yoga Group Practice Class mentioned in the schedule)  of the course.