200-hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course Level 1& Level 2 (Fri Evening & Sat Afternoon) - Online Class option available - [ 11th September 2020 ~ 12th December 2020]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

I learned a lot in this advanced-level course and have deepened my practice. Master Yogananth and Mahesh are very good teachers. I would love to have more andiappan classes in place of regular classes and spread the course further apart to maximize the level of practice with the teacher’s guidance.
Student ID : 2020001122
Batch Code : 2020/11/100/WEKND/OS/AHYTT2/HK/1

This course deepened my knowledge of which kind of warm-up steps and preparations I should make before doing the final pose, which makes it easier for me to plan my yoga sequence if I plan on teaching others. My asana postures improved greatly as well.
Student ID : 2020000985
Batch Code : 2020/11/100/WEKND/OS/AHYTT2/HK/1

This course offers an excellent mix of theory and practice. While we aspire toward a more advanced level of practice, it is also important to go back and revisit the foundation. The masters all teach with their heart and provide detailed guidance as to how we approach the pose, the variations and modifications, neutralizing movements and counter poses. These are all very helpful for aspiring yoga teachers. I am glad I have chosen Anahata teacher training which is eye-opening and truly inspirational. It has also deepened my interest in yoga – a lifelong journey.
Student ID : 2020000540
Batch Code : 2020/09/100/WEKND/OS/AHYTT1/HK/1

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