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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

I joined this course, as I am pregnant myself and I wanted to deepen my yoga practice during pregnancy, and to immerse myself in an overall yogic- experience in this phase.

I was a little worried initially about completing 100 hours in such a short span of time, but it is amazing how much flexibility the course offered in terms of different classes and timings that I could choose from depending on my energy levels week on week ranging from Pranayama, Yin Yoga or more challenging Hatha practices.

I loved how the course was structured and gave a lot of emphasis to pranayama, chakras, Tratak meditation and aspects of yoga that are little appreciated or taught.

I felt that all the masters have this great field of energy around them making the class interactions a deeply uplifting experience. All masters are extremely down-to-earth and friendly and were happy to answer any questions we had in great detail.

They also all have a different unique style of teaching, different backgrounds and come with their own set of experiences with pregnant women, which make the course very holistic as the students are exposed to a range of teaching methods, alternate ways to sequence a class and perspectives.

I also loved the discussions on food and lifestyle changes for pregnant women that are rooted in Ayurveda, Garbha Shastra (old Vedic texts pertaining to the womb) and old Indian practices. Occasionally I found some aspects of these teachings quite controversial, but I still personally loved it as it expanded my thought process even though I did not necessarily agree with the masters on some topics.

This course overall,was an excellent pregnancy management tool for my own pregnancy, other than being an excellent teacher training course. I can earnestly say it helped me manage several of my pregnancy related issues like body stiffness, aches and pains, insomnia, mood swings, gas and reflux that I had dealt with last pregnancy.  It helped me relax deeply, and connect with my body and my baby with a confidence and intuition that I did not know I possessed. Understanding the necessary modifications for a pregnant anatomy, enabled me to attend any yoga class and modify it to work for me. I will recommend this course especially to all pregnant women (not just aspiring teachers) if you want to have a strong, healthy, profoundly fulfilling pregnancy in a yogic way.

I feel so blessed to have found this course in my current phase, as it will always make this pregnancy a very special one for me.

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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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