Yoga Packages Terms and Conditions

By purchasing the package I By purchasing the package I fully understand and agree the following Terms and Conditions (1) I  will receive the copy of this agreed terms and conditions when I visit the studio during my next visit. Any request in changing the starting date of the membership will require the approval of the Anahata Yoga Management with the payment of an administrative fee of HK$500. The maximum allowed change is either 30 days prior or 30 days after the originally mentioned starting date. (2) I understand that I must show my Anahata Yoga Card on every visit and allow the staff of Anahata Yoga to take my photograph to put in the system for verification of identity. (3) PREPAID MEMBERSHIP I understand my prepaid membership is valid as stated in the package terms and conditions in the event that I use a Bank Instalment plan to settle the payment with Anahata Yoga, I understand that the terms and conditions of such instalment plan are directly between me and my bank. I agree that I will not terminate the instalment before fully paying off the instalments. (4) MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP I have purchased a Monthly Committed Autopay Package for a minimum of twelve (12) months and I am committed to paying for twelve (12) months on autopay. I understand that after these twelve (12) months, I will be billed monthly on autopay until I cancel my Agreement by completing a Termination Form to be processed by Anahata Yoga. I understand if I use my credit card as monthly payment and should my credit card expire or be rejected, I will proactively pay Anahata Yoga any outstanding amount due. (5) Termination Policy The cancellation of my autopay after the contract minimum requirements, requires me to give Anahata Yoga a written request ten (10) days before my regular autopay billing date. All termination must be processed by completing a Termination Form at Anahata Yoga. If Anahata Yoga has not received your completed Termination Form, my contract will automatically continue after the minimum term period and my account will automatically be charged every month. (6) Suspension Policy I am aware that suspension of my membership MUST be applied for online by completing an online form. It must be applied for in advance by giving at least fourteen day notice. The suspension period is a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months per annual membership. There is an administrative fee of HK$200 per month. For suspension due to sickness, a Medical Certificate must be provided as proof. This is to be submitted together with the form when requesting the suspension with Anahata Yoga. There is an administrative fee of HK$200 per month. For medical suspension in excess of 15 days, proof of ongoing doctor visits, treatments such as physio or chiro must be submitted together with the suspension request.Suspension due to pregnancy, a medical certificate should state the trimester of pregnancy,conditions diagnosed if any and also the period the doctor recommends to refrain from exercise. Alternatively you may wish to discuss with one of our experienced teacher for recommended classes for pregnancy and other common pregnancy related questions before applying for suspension. Suspension will be processed upon approval and payment of the admin fee.

Transfer of short-term membership / coupons/ private class packages for medical reasons. I understand  and agree there is no suspension given for travel reasons.I understand and agree suspension for medical reasons can only be approved as a transfer of credits. 
I understand and agree that If I am applying transfer of credits  for medical reasons I have to provide the doctors’ certificate stating that I am not fit to attend yoga classes. I understand and agree that I can transfer the remaining credits to a friend/ family member who  is currently not a member of Anahata  Yoga.I understand and agree that once the credit(s) is transferred it cannot be cancelled or transferred again.I understand and agree that the transfer of credit can be done once with the admin fee payment of HKD 500. I understand and agree that there is 7 days courtesy time period to give Anahata Yoga  the name of the friend/family member I wish the remaining credits to be transferred to. 
Class bookings and cancellations 

I understand and agree that if I book a class and cannot attend, I must cancel at least three hours in advance. Otherwise my booking privileges will be suspended under the terms and conditions. Anahata Yoga has informed me these policies might change from time to time and that members will be informed accordingly. For group class coupon packages, once a class is booked, a coupon will be deducted unless cancelled at least three hours in advance. The studio reserves the right to charge and I agree to pay HK$200 per late cancellation or no shows subsequent to two or more late cancellations or no shows a month. (8) Locker I understand that the use of the Day Locker is for during the time I attend the class at Anahata Yoga only. I agree to return the Day Locker key prior to leaving the Anahata Yoga premise and not to keep my belongings there after I have left the premise. (9) Private class bookings I agree to use WhatsApp group to book, confirm or modify all private class bookings. I am aware of the 3 hour cancellation policy. (10) Private class availabilities I understand and agree that the availability of time slot of the private classes and the Instructors may change without notice due to scheduling restrictions. As such, I understand and agree to do the class with another available teacher. I understand and agree that private class packages are not given suspension whatsoever. I understand and agree that private class package expiry cannot be extended whatsoever. I understand and agree not to solicit teacher of the studio to teach at home or outside of the studio. Members with annual group classes packages can book Andiappan Yoga Classes. Short-term group membership packages and complimentary packages cannot be used to book two hours Andiappan Yoga Classes. Class type, instructor, timings, duration, number of classes are subject to the availability of the studios and teachers and may change without prior notice.  For the Online and Live stream classes the instructor may ask the students to keep the camera ON to monitor the postures to minimise the risk of injuries. The studio reserves the right to remove the students who refuse to turn the camera ON without any refund.
Yoga Teacher Training Missed Classes/ Module Retake.  

If the student knows the dates he/she is going to miss before the start of the YTT. Fill in the dates he/she is going to miss, in the YTT application form, or send an email with missing classes dates before the start of teacher training program. please email to  and quote your IYATT-XXXX number mentioned in your welcome email. Yoga course Admin Assistant will verify and he/she will be informed about replacement class dates by email. Once the student confirms that he/she can retake the dates, those dates will be input in the student YTT management software schedule system. If he/she can take it he/she will be issued a missed classes retake card which he/she need to bring to the replacement classes and show the teacher before or after the class and get it signed. Yoga course Admin Assistant will check and verify the record before the YTT class. No need to pay for the missed class retake fee as the retake class dates are approved by our affiliate college in india  and are confirmed before the start of the YTT. Apart from the agreed dates, if the student is absent for other classes and if the student requests to retake those classes he/she needs to pay the missed classes to retake admin fee of HKD 500 per module and he/she can only take the missed classes mentioned in the missed classes retake card. 

If the student is absent for some classes during the YTT and requesting to retake the missed class please follow the below steps. 

If the student missed 3 or fewer classes, the topics can be revised during the revision week. The revision class will be arranged during the last week of the teacher training course. It is not necessary to retake the classes in another batch. If the student missed more than 3 classes, send an email to  and list the dates of the missed classes. He/she will be sent a link to pay the admin fee depending on the number of classes and After confirmation of the payment, he/she will be informed about the replacement class dates by email. If he/she can take the classes on those dates, he/she will be given a missed class retake card which he/she need to bring to the class and show the teacher before or after the class and get it signed. Yoga course Admin Assistant  will check and verify the record before the YTT class. 

Recommended group classes completion deadline Once the admission to the course is confirmed any request to move to another batch for any reasons will incur an admin fee of HKD 1000 and it can be moved only once. Andiappan Yoga class and recommended group classes expiry will remain with the originally joined course dates. Please note students can change the type of the class in the recommended group classes list if they are not able to attend a certain class due to schedule difficulties. Students should sign in at the reception for each class they attend to avoid attendance issues. 

Change of Batch request:  Course fee once paid and admission confirmed, if student cannot attend the course he/she enrolled, the student can apply  for change of batch with a valid reason and supporting documents . The request must be made before the start of the bass. There will be a processing fee for batch transfer is HKD 1000. The new batch requested for transfer should fall within six months from the original batch date. Batch transfer fee may be waived if requested within one week of the course fee payment, otherwise batch transfer fee will apply. 

Extension for Andiappan Yoga/ Recommended group classes : To extend the deadline of the Andiappan Yoga class and Recommended group classes, the minimum extension is one month and the maximum is three months.  The fee for extension will be HK$1000 per month. 

Extension for Assignment Deadline: If you can not submit your assignment on or before the deadline, an administrative fee of HK$500 will be required before the due date and the maximum extension given will be an additional one month. 

Student Course Status Drop out – If a student choose to leave the course; not attend classes without any written notice and prior approval from management; fail to complete the practical assessment or assignment on or before the deadline set; he/she will be consider to have dropped out from the course and will not be eligible to receive the certification. Re-take – If a student is absent for more than five classes without providing any supporting documents for the absence (such as medical certificate / proof of emergency), he / she will need to re-take classes missed.  There is an administrative fee to re-take the missed classes or modules as per the requirements.  The re-take classes must be completed within six months from the ending date of the original course dates the student signed up for.   Failure to re-take the classes missed will be considered as dropped out from the course. Not Completed – If a student fail to submit their assignment on time, finish the assessment, or have not attended any of the recommended group practice classes, they will be considered as “not completed” the course.  As such, they will need to complete these procedures within the assignment deadline. The student will need to provide a written notice to the school and give credible reasons for not completing the assignment /assessment within the given deadline to be granted an extension.  If the extension is granted, there will be an administrative fee of HKD 500 to extend the assignment for one month. If it is necessary to assign the student to another batch to complete the assessment, the administrative fee will be HKD 1000.  If the whole process is not completed within three months of the original deadline, they will be considered as a drop out student.

Course Manual terms  I understand and agree that I will be provided an english or chinese course manual on the 1st day of the course based on my request. I also understand I can opt for both chinese  and english language manual by paying HKD 300 additional. I understand the default is in english language but I will have to make a request for chinese manual 3 days before the start of the course if my preference is chinese manual.

Teacher Training Online Participation: 
The teacher training student who prefers to attend the classes online the instructor may ask the student  to keep the camera ON to monitor the postures to minimise the risk of injuries. The studio reserves the right to remove the students who refuse to turn the camera ON without any refund. 

The instructors may ask the students to Turn On the camera at anytime during the class to verify attendance and class participation. If the students are not responding repeatedly to the teachers, the studio reserves the right to ask the student to attend the class in the studio  for the remaining duration of the teacher training classes.

Points to note:
1) If the student would like to attend a whole module, he/she will have to pay the full module fee.
2) If the student is absent for less than 3 classes he/she can request to revise these topics during the revision week (During the Andiappan Yoga Group Practice Class mentioned in the schedule)  of the course.
All Students must undergo practical assessment and submit a written assignment in order to complete the course. For more details about batch transfer/ missed classes retake/ recommended group and andiappan yoga classes extension, assessment retake and assignment extension and admin fee details please refer to the course details page terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to change the dates of the training without prior notice. The fee for the full-day and part-time teacher training courses may vary.

Waiver and Release
Member fully understands that he/she is engaging in physical exercise including the use of exercise facilities and instructions by the center personnel, which may cause injury to him/her. He/She agrees that he/she is voluntarily participating in these physical exercises in the vicinity of Anahata Yoga, the use of center facilities and instructions by center personnel and that he/she is assuming all risks of injury to him/her on account of these activities. It is further agreed that center will not perform any evaluation of member’s physical condition to which can help to identify risk factors contradicting physical exercise prior to his/her starting or continuing an exercise activity.Instructors provided in Anahata Yoga sessions will be held in the heated and humid environment of between 30C- 40C centigrade and with up to 97% humidity which will impose extra physical demand on you over and above those which you would experience at cooler temperatures and in lower humidity when engaging in any or comparable exercise.
Member hereby warrants, represents and agrees that he/she has no physical disability, impairment, or ailment preventing him/her from engaging in any exercise activity, or that will detrimental to his/her health, safety, comfort or physical condition, or that of others. Member is advised to consult a physician regarding his/her ability to participate in physical activities and/or use of Anahata yoga equipments and facilities and the physical activities undertaken at Anahata Yoga equipments and facilities imposes physical demands upon him/ her.
Member hereby agrees to waive all claims or rights he/she might otherwise have against the center including the right to sue the center, its employees or agents, for any injuries or claims aforesaid.
Member has carefully read this waiver and release and fully understands this is a release of any and all future claims against the center for any injury or risk of injury resulting from activities while attending center facilities.
Member further agrees to release center from any liability for any loss or theft of personal property.
If this agreement is a monthly term membership, Member authorizes Anahata Yoga to make automatic deductions withdrawals for this/her monthly subscriptions until termination of this/her membership as specified herein. The amount of automatic deduction authorization must allow Anahata Yoga to charge the monthly fee in full or partial amount to cover dues and make periodic increase and/or collect late charges and other costs as specified herein. Autopay may be charged on the fifteenth or the last business day of the month at the sole discretion of Anahata Yoga. Member’s first month’s dues will be pro-rate and added to Member’s first autopay based on the number of days between one month after the date of joining Anahata Yoga and the date of Member’s first autopay.
The respective right of obligations of membership are set forth herein and in the Membership Rules and Guidelines. By signing this Agreement, the member acknowledges his/her understanding and acceptance of the rights and obligations. Such Rules and Guidelines are posted and/or otherwise available at all Anahata Yoga locations. Anahata Yoga reserves the right to amend it Rules and Guidelines from time to time and where appropriate. Member shall ask a Membership Consultant for clarification of any question or concerns prior to signing this Agreement
The studio reserves the right to conduct classes online in the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from conducting physical classes at the studio including but not limited to social unrest, natural disasters, government directives or any other events that render the studio unsuitable for the classes to be conducted at the studio.The Company reserves the right to change the dates/cancel the teacher training without prior notice.
I have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions Of Membership herein and below.

Terms And Conditions Of Membership
Description of Membership
Monthly/Class Package:  Member shall pay the fees either by cash/credit card and may not be suspended prior to termination of the term/stipulated classes. Member is not entitled to any refund due to any reason.

Pre-Paid: This membership is for the term mentioned in the purchase receipt.
All monies paid are non-refundable. The fee for the full day and part time teacher training courses may vary.
Member / Guardian / Co-signer’s Acknowledgement:
Member/Guardian/Co-signer acknowledges that he/she has reviewed and read the terms and conditions set forth herein and accepts this Agreement as a legally binding contract, and all the rights and obligations set forth herein will be in force from the date of signing this Agreement and he/she has the legal age and capacity and is willfully entering into this Agreement.
The package sessions shall expire at the end of the period stated in the Membership details. Any sessions not used by the expiry date may not be used or redeemed.
No refund of any payment made shall be given to any member under any circumstances. 

Termination by the center:
Anahata Yoga may terminate this agreement without notice and with immediate effect if his/her conduct is such that in reasonable opinion of Anahata Yoga it may be injurious to the character or interest of Anahata Yoga or to other users of Anahata Yoga or if he/she is in breach of the terms and conditions as from time to time are in force.  All decisions of Anahata Yoga under this clause are final and binding.Anahata Yoga shall be entitled to terminate this agreement if he/she fails to pay monthly fees for 1 months or more by giving 1 month’s written notice to you. Such termination shall not affect the right of Anahata Yoga to recover the unpaid fees and interests and related costs and all expenses.
Anahata Yoga shall be entitled to recover from you all costs and expenses incurred in connection with the recovery of unpaid fees and interests and other losses or damages caused by you on an indemnity basis.
Anahata Yoga may terminate this agreement without notice and without cause and with immediate effect, and Anahata Yoga shall refund him/her the remaining membership fee on a pro-rata basis within 30 days.

Termination by the member:
If by reason of death or permanent disability, the member is prevented from using a significant portion of the center facilities for which he/she has enrolled, he/ she shall be relieved from the obligation of making payment for services other than those received prior to the onset of the disability or time of death. If services not yet received were prepaid, the pro-rated amount will be refunded within thirty (30) days. A copy of the death certificate must be submitted to the center within seven (7) days.
The definition of permanent disability is a condition of non-temporary nature, which would preclude member from physically using a significant portion of the facilities for the remainder of the term of the membership is documented in writing by a certified physician.
Any request for termination/cancellation by the member, must be in writing and be submitted to the center of enrollment. This is the only manner by which termination/cancellation of this membership will be granted, subject to the terms and conditions set forth above.

Non-transferability of membership:
Membership cannot be transferred, sold or assigned to any one.
Member also cannot loan or sell or assign his membership card to any one else.
Private classes, workshops and special events may not be transfered or assigned to any one else.

Member’s absence or failure to attend the classes or avail the services for any reason will not relieve him from the obligation to pay the monthly dues.
If the member fails to pay monthly dues on the due auto pay date, center reserves the right to charge a late payment of HK$ 100 for each delayed payment. Center may take appropriate actions to recover any outstanding payments and member shall indemnify center for any costs incurred for such legal actions.
Member will be in default if he/she breaches any of these terms and conditions herein, or if he/she fails to pay any Monthly Dues within 30days after the scheduled autopay dat. If Member is in default, membership privileges may be suspended and the remaining balance due under this Agreement may become immediately due and payable at the Club option. Acceptance of any payment after default will not release member from any obligation under this Agreement to continue payment.
Member shall not be relieved of obligation to make any payments of the enrollment fee herein agreed to, and no fruitions or allowance from any of the said payments shall be made, by reason of the absence or withdrawal of Member from the Club, or by reason of Member’s failure to attend or use the Club facilities.
If Member fails to pay monthly dues on the autopay date, the Club reserves the right to impose a charge of late payment equivalent to the amount of HK$80 for each late payment. The Club may take appropriate actions to recover any outstanding payments and member shall indemnify the Club for any costs and disbursements incurred by or associated with such legal and recovery action.

Center Rules:
Member agrees to keep and obey all the rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by the center for the use of center facilities and its equipment including lockers, Attire and personal hygiene. Center reserves the right to revoke or suspend this membership. If members are in breach of the rules and regulations. Payment obligations of the member continue in the event of the membership being suspended due to member’s negligence of following the center’s rules and regulations.
Member must register at the reception desk and provide membership card and other identifiable if requested by the center. Class participation is limited by registration and the quantity and layout of the mats. Booking for friends is not permitted.
In the event a member is unable to attend his/her class, he/she is required to give at least 4 hours prior notice of the cancellation. The center reserves the right to charge a no-show fee of HK$200.00 in case the member does not give notice of cancellation for any class he/she has made prior booking. HK$200 in case the member doesn not give notice of cancellation for any class he/ she has made prior booking. If he/she has 2 or more cumulative late cancellations and/or no shows over a 30 day period, his/her booking privileges including online, telephone or walk-in booking will be suspended for 14 days. After 14 days, the booking privileges will be resumed.
Absolutely no bags are allowed in the studio as lockers are available to store the Member’s belongings which must be cleared when the member is leaving the center. Belongings left in the lockers overnight will be removed and non-identifiable items found as such will be kept for thirty (30) days and then given to charity.
Members can take one hand towel to the studio for the practice and one bath towel for the shower from the changing area towel counter for each visit to the Center. Additional towels will be charged.
Prohibited activities – The following includes but not limited to the prohibited activities within the center:
Use of steroids, illegal drugs or other behavior altering substances

Lewd behavior
Smoking or consumption of alcohol in the center premises at any time
Open top or otherwise spill able drink containers in the yoga studio
Food in the yoga studio and changing rooms
Solicitation for profit, political purposes or any other reasons in any form in the center premises
Personal training of a member by another member for compensation
Photography, videotaping, filming or audio recording without prior written permission of the center
Damage to the center’s property shall be paid by the member who wilfully or neglectfully causes such damage. Member is also responsible for damage caused by dependant children or guests accompanying him/her.
Member shall be subject to the control and guidance of the center’s staff and follow the Instructions of the staff while in the center. Member agrees to conduct himself/herself in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when in or about the center facilities to avoid causing disturbance to other members and guests. Under no circumstances can the member use foul, loud, slanderous language at anyone or harass, molest, badger or solicit other members or guests to avoid embarrassment to other members and guests. Those who violate this rule could cause injury to others and spoil the center’s reputation.

Guest policy:
Member may bring his/her friends (at least 16 years) to the center by prior appointment only, as long as they follow center’s guest procedure
Center’s guest procedure requires all the guests to check in at the reception desk and sign a liability release form. Every guest must participate in the guest orientation on how to use the center’s facilities. All guests must agree to be bound by center’s rules and regulations.
Guests must hold a HKID and must be first time visitor to center.

Governing Law:
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between the parties. Any promises, representations, understanding and/or agreements pertaining directly or indirectly to this Agreement, which is not contained herein, are hereby waived. If any particular provision of this Agreement is invalid, the same shall not affect the other provisions hereof.

Disclaimer of Liability
During each class, the member will have at his/her disposal a day locker to store his/her items. The day locker are larger lockers are must be cleared when the member has finished his/her class. Shoe/mat lockers are also available to members and these may be rented on a permanent basis. Please see reception or a consultant foe details. All lockers must be locked with a padlock supplied by the member and for greater safety Anahata Yoga suggests using a KEY padlock and NOT a combination lock. Items left inside the day locker overnight are subject to forced removal. Non-identifiable items found in such lockers will be kept for 30 days and then given to charity. Anahata Yoga is not liable for any items lost or stolen from the day and/or shoe/mat lockers.
The use of the facilities at Anahata Yoga naturally involves the risk of injury to a member him/herself or other members or guest, whether caused by the member or someone else. The member understands and voluntarily accepts the risk. The member warrants and represents that he/she has consulted with his/her licensed General Practitioner prior to beginning any exercise program. The member agrees that Anahata Yoga will not be liable for any injury including, without limitation, personal, bodily, or mental injury, economic loss, or any damage to the member, or his/her relatives resulting from the acts of anyone using the facilities or acts of Anahata Yoga employees or agents. The member agrees to bear all responsibilities for all liabilities or damages arising from any injury, including, without limitation, bodily or mental injury, economic loss, or any damage to another member caused by a deliberate or negligent action of the member him/herself. If any claim is made by anyone based on any injury, loss or damage described here, which involves the member or his/her guest, the member agrees to (i) defend Anahata Yoga against such claims and pay Anahata Yoga for all expense, including legal fees relating to the claim and (ii) indemnify Anahata Yoga for all liabilities to the member and his/her spouse, unborn child, relatives or anyone else resulting from such claims.
Anahata Yoga is not responsible for keeping any items lost or stolen on its premises for any reason whatsoever. Member is responsible for safekeeping their personal belongings on the premises and agrees to release the Club from any liability for any loss or theft of personal property.

I have read all the key points in this page and understand and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned here and the terms that are relevant to my package.