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I truly enjoyed the Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Anahata. Master analyzed every pose in anatomy view and explained very detail of how to get into each pose and variations. Although poses are hard and intense but I truly learned a lot.

I would highly recommend for anyone who is interested in exploring more in Yoga. Yoga poses are widely performed but not widely well understood. In this course you can learn lots of knowledge of Yoga. It was a unique and unforgettable piece in my yoga journey.

Appreciate all Masters put their effort in teachings, patience and time. I have gained so much knowledge and experience from this teacher training.

Student ID : Student ID IYATT- 3272
Student Name : Student ID IYATT- 3272
Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Level 3 (2 March 2018 – 21 April 2018)

Thank you. Master Yogananth, Master Mahesh and Master Vishnu.

They are very experienced and devoted themselves in the teaching. We are inspired and aroused to learn more and reassure the benefits of yoga. The training was fun and interesting.

Student ID : Student ID IYATT-3186
Student Name : Student ID IYATT-3186
Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Level 3 (2 March 2018 – 21 April 2018)

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