Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

This is my second Yoga Teacher Training course and I have learnt and benefited a lot from this course.

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in women’s life. So this makes me very curious about prenatal yoga. As I’m a yoga lover (I’m also a woman?), I would like to know how yoga can help with a pregnancy and this course was most educational.

I have learnt about physiological and emotional changes in pregnancy period. Pregnant women may have different conditions like depression, back pain and insomnia… etc. I am now more fully appreciate the sacrifice of mother.

I have learnt many interdictions and asana suitable for pregnant women and what to avoid during this period now. I hope my knowledge can help with my teaching of pregnant women

Finally, I do want to thank all Masters who had taught me in this course. They are all very kind and professional, I hope I can join other advanced classes in the coming year!


Student ID : Student ID IYATT-3121
Student Name : Student ID IYATT-3121
100-hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (27 November 2017 – 17 January 2018)

It’s an informative yet fun course. Many different instructors were involved in introducing different topics concerning pregnancy including yoga asanas for pregnant women and Ayurveda advice. All the students enjoyed the class and the instructors were very willing to answer all our questions during and after the class.

Student ID : Student ID IYATT-3050
Student Name : Student ID IYATT-3050
100-hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (27 November 2017 – 17 January 2018)

I thoroughly enjoyed the 100 Hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course with all the masters in Anahata. They were outstanding in leading us through their fully immersive program. Its my third Teacher Training I have completed in Anahata and all the courses material was structured so brilliantly and systematically; that we were able to cover a plethora of topics in a relatively short amount of time – and retain it! We dove deeply into beautiful pranayama and asana practices and learnt how to craftfully structure a class energetically and physically.

I have learned more about myself, happiness, compassion for others and most importantly, listen to my body as a mom-to-be!

Thank you Master Yogananth, Master Mahesh & Master Vishnu!
Student ID : Student ID IYATT-2541
Student Name : Student ID IYATT-2541
100-hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (27 November 2017 – 17 January 2018)