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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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This has been a fascinating journey, all the teachers are extremely knowledgeable in this area and I can feel that they are all genuinely passionate about what they do. I will take some time to absorb my learning first, and come back to attend the 300 hours later.
Student ID : 2019000388
Student Name : Jenne Luk

The structure of the course is comprehensive, from theory to practice. The Masters are very knowledgeable on yoga. After the course, I have more understanding of the alignment of the poses as well as the benefits and contraindications.
Student ID : 2019000026
Student Name : Yuk Ha To

The 3 month training was tough, but it's the best experience in my life, I'm glad I've chosen the Andiappan yoga, I've learned beyond my expectation. My yoga journey will not stop here, it's only the beginning, i would love to become a yoga master one day. Namaste to all my masters for the detailed teaching.
Student ID : 2019000154
Student Name : Michelle Sha Liu

I am so thankful to have chosen Anahata Yoga for my teacher training course, had an amazing time here and have learnt a lot about yoga more than just asanas: 1. Anatomy - it's important to know different type of anatomy and provide options to the students, it's not about "accurate" postures but the limitations that anatomy brought with 2. Pranayama - the Kriya experience is amazing! And I kept practicing the neti pot wash for a better respiratory system 3. Asana - strengthen my knowledge towards various postures Thank you all masters!
Student ID : 2019000129
Student Name : Ka Man Sharon Wan

I have learnt a lot through this YTT course, I am really happy to take it and I would highly recommend friends to do it at the Anahatha Yoga! I have felt some good positive energy through the different classes, I have met really good Master that I would love to have class again with them to master my different postures. The only negative point I would like to share is about the schedule which have been shared after the YTT subscription and if I knew earlier that I would have to miss some important dates because of business trip, I would have postpone my YTT program to another batch as now I have to retake the assessment with another batch end of August .. however I will still come back to the studio to experiment yoga class for sure !
Student ID : 2019000403
Student Name : Aurelie Lehman

The course allows me to learn more about the history and origin of yoga, as well as the details to note when practicing asanas. It is very informative and useful. I am delighted to learn and improve with so many classmates. This helps a lot on my yoga journey!
Student ID : 2019000177
Student Name : Ka Man Ip

In these three month. I am really enjoy the class. All of the Master are very nice and professional. They will explain the posture and demo it very clearly.I am so happy to be their student.
Student ID : 2018001430
Student Name : Tsz Yan Moko Chan

I really enjoy to learn and practice yoga at Anahata. I can say most of the masters are very professional. They are all teaches from their heart. I am sure I will keep on practice yoga regularly after I finished my YTT 200 hours certificate course at Anahata. Thank you so much indeed.
Student ID : 2019000592
Student Name : Suk Wah Leung

Great course, interesting topics, however, 300hrs is too short time for the amount of knowledge to be studied in yoga therapy. Learned a lot for my own practice and i enjoyed every bit of this course. Thank you
Student ID : 2018000334
Student Name : Jeanette Buurma

I thought the overall course was very useful and enlightening. The instructors were quite good, some better than others. Specifically Master Yogananth and Master Dhiraj were both incredibly talented teachers who had so much knowledge and shared their own experiences with the students which made it much more personable and easier to relate to. They were able to teach and explain everything extremely well. In general, the course was good but time management could definitely be greatly improved.
Student ID : 2019000321
Student Name : Katherine Lee

I believe it is a very great decision to choose to take this YTT course with Anahata Yoga. The teaching and the process are really truly from the heart. Masters are willing to discuss with students with meaningful insights. It helps me to improve my body and mind well and have a deeper understanding of yoga. I become more happy, positive and clear on myself. It is a very meaningful yoga journey in my life. Thanks, Anahata Yoga!
Student ID : 2018001380
Student Name : Elaine Chau

I started to practice yoga 5 years ago, used to play once or twice a week only. After I join the membership here, my motivation for yoga was increased a lot, at lease 5 times a week. I joined the Yoga Teacher Training because I found I didn't check my alignment in the past few years when doing yoga. Learning the theory of each posture, the muscles and ribs joint are much effective than over practice. I encourage my friends to do yoga practice like yoga is really training body well, and ofcourse choosing a professional yoga centre and nice environment are important too.
Student ID : 2017000665
Student Name : Tsz Kwan Koey Lau

I have learned a lot during this teacher training and I am very grateful to all the masters who have been involved for sharing with us their knowledge and wisdom. Namaste
Student ID : 2018001469
Student Name : Claire Vandenhoeck

The teachers are very knowledgable and students were able to learn a lot from them. The course agendas were well structured and focused on key topics and practices. My yoga skills and knowledge improved significantly during this course.
Student ID : 2019000105
Student Name : Sin Yu Cheung

Teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced. I enjoyed the classes so much especially Master Yogananth's class - clear instructions and good interaction with us that makes the classes more interesting. Some names and words are Sanskrit so I would like to review it at home after the class. Overall I would highly recommend Anahata for an ancient yoga learning experience! Best yoga school in town.
Student ID : 2019000412
Student Name : Ka Wai Leung

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