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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Learnt a lot about the history, philosophy of yoga, and different asanas and the anatomy. The masters are very knowledgable and I've enjoyed learning from them and meeting a variety of people!
Student ID : 2019001368

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the focus on understanding anatomy as well as leanings around the holistic nature and therapy sides of yoga were very helpful
Student ID : 2019001182

The course and teachers were awesome. The teachers are great yoga master, who helps me to understand the yoga theory and philosophy on Yoga instead of only the yoga poses. Really enjoy the YTT course. My classmates are supportive and awesome to connect with them during the courses and sharing after class. Indeed, thanks for the center and masters to give me a great yoga learning journey.
Student ID : 2019001089

Hi, I had a very good learning experience of yoga and philosophy with my YTT training course. Yoga masters are very good at clearing doubts and helped in posture correction. It has given me inspiration which will be for life long. The more I practice yoga ,my health and daily life improves more. I will definitely share what I have learned with my friends and family members. Thank you very much Anahata yoga 🙂
Student ID : 2019001306

It is a very good platform to provide an opportunity for me to improve.
Student ID : 2019001309

This was an insightful learning experience for me and has trained me to be a more regular practitioner. I have learnt more about the different lineages of yoga, proper method of practicing asanas and also learn about my own body (understanding anatomy, limitations and injuries). It is also very useful to learn the modifications, variations and contradictions of asanas to keep myself aware throughout practice. In fact, I foresee anatomy and these asana knowledge to be a significant part of myself being a teacher in the future, especially to identify students' limitations and providing them with proper guidance. More importantly, I really enjoyed the class instructors. Each instructor did not only teach us the theories and practice steps, they also shared with us the yoga mindset, their stories and experiences. Letting us also learn about the mind and spirit part of yoga.
Student ID : 2019001345

A great learning experience with extremely knowledgeable and dedicated teachers. Personally I think it would be hard to find such a quality in yoga teacher training better than this one.
Student ID : 2019000987

The course is very informative and many things are new to me. From theory to practical classes, each teacher is doing excellent, their professional knowledge help me to gain more understanding and knowledge in yoga, they give me a good advice how to improve my weakness when doing the asanas. I'm still digesting these new knowledge and I'll do my best keep on practising yoga Thank you!
Student ID : 2019001390

I have found this course to be extremely informative! As a regular practitioner at Anahata, I especially enjoyed getting to hear from each of the different masters as they shared their own experiences and knowledge (since we often do not get to discuss such theoretical topics in regular asana classes). I found this multi-dimensional perspective sharing to be especially useful as I figure out what styles and teaching resonate with me on my own path. I greatly enjoyed learning from Master Yogananth, as he is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable and his teaching style really resonates with me. I also enjoyed getting to work with my fellow students as we all learn to understand the different aspects of a yoga practice and what may work for some and not for others. Overall, I am happy with the experience - I am quite humbled by a topic so big as yoga and the idea of perhaps one day maybe teaching. In a very positive way, this course has emphasized to me just how much knowledge there is to learn about yoga and that I hope to continue learning as much as I can. Thank you to all of the masters for sharing your incredible experiences and journey with me. Namaste!
Student ID : 2016000662

I was delighted to learn more about yoga and its history , also anatomy , asanas and pranayama. The fact that different teachers are part of the training is nice as it brings diversity. It was a nice experience and i would love to start teaching or assisting for the andiappan yoga community as a start .
Student ID : 2014001344

Anahata Yoga offers a great opportunity for me to explore more about Yoga. I used to focus only on the asanas of yoga during my past two-year practice. Indeed, yoga practice involves pranayama, meditation, kriyas and etc. Masters in this course are knowledgeable and kind. They are patient in answering our doubts and guiding us about how to do the pose. It would be great if there were more weekend Andiappan yoga classes. For those who want to better equip themselves as a yoga teacher or want to explore more about yoga, I definitely recommend this course to them.
Student ID : 2019001373

Great course I loved every minute of it, thanks.
Student ID : 2019001029

After 23 years of practicing yoga on and off depending on my life style at the moment , I finally decided to go further in my knowledge about yoga. This was a very good introduction to philosophy, history and practice of yoga , and I now just feel that I have so much more to learn ! Thank you to all the great masters and hope to see you soon for the advanced teacher training.
Student ID : 2019000966

It was a super diverse and supportive group of students. It was awesome connecting with them and I still regularly see them at the studio. I am able to deepen my understanding of yoga beyond asana (the physical postures): we had modules about meditation, breathwork, yoga history and philosophy etc I also learnt more about the body, anatomy and begins to learn about adjustments of posture (no only in yoga but in daily life) Now every class is a learning experience for me, will try to take mental notes of what I learnt and enjoyed and apply them in my class (in the future).
Student ID : 2019000964

The masters and classmates are excellent, I learnt more theory, yoga anatomy and philosophy on Yoga but not only posture, it helps me a lot to improve my daily yoga practice. In conclusion, I had a very fruitful yoga teaching training course and I love to introduce to my friends who wanna join!!
Student ID : 2019000958

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