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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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It helps me to have a more thorough understanding of yoga and improves my practice. The course can be improved with more time allocated to class design as a yoga teacher.
Student ID : 2019001545

Good teaching by all the teachers.
Student ID : 2019001403

I quite enjoyed my time at Anahata, the teachers were knowledgable and friendly. I enjoy the course greatly and benefitted from the course.
Student ID : 2019001696

Very informative course. There are still so much information and material yet to be learnt in such a short period of time. I enjoyed practicing meditation (Nidra Yoga and Chakra meditation) and different types of pranayama.
Student ID : 2017000961

Covered a lot of basics. A lot of useful information covered in the Asana practice module.
Student ID : 2019001503

Providing a comprehensive, well-organized structure of knowledge about Yoga to me; Expending my eyes in yoga; and forming a structure foundation in both knowledge and physical to later yoga practices.
Student ID : 2019001323

My 200hrs YTT is a very positive and enlightening experience! I received encouragement as well as practical knowledge under an open, supportive and comfortable environment. It gave me a new perspective and insight into what yoga truly means and also a new way to perceive the others and myself. This experience was more than just learning to teach but more importantly, to embody yoga off the mat. It showed me to trust the process, we can always see beauty in all forms of learnings and persistency . Highly recommend for anyone looking to grow!
Student ID : 2016000917

excellent yoga instructors.dedicated and caring to the students.
Student ID : 2019001635

it is a totally awesome experience of learning yoga in a in-depth way, from cultural, theoretical to practical. most importantly, keep learning yoga in a good vibe and a discipline way.
Student ID : 2019001603

Yoga for me is a journey to myself. It all began with the focus on physical Asanas but gradually through the practice I started to notice, awareness has expanded greatly. From observing the breath while holding the posture to observing and experiencing life in the very present moment. So then I realized, it’s a constant transformation of Self-being that goes far beyond the yoga classroom. I continue discovering great qualities, joy and blessings through yoga practice. I feel myself in the infinite depth to the teacher who across my way and share his knowledge and experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Student ID : 2017000161

I has a great time in this yoga learning journey . All teachers are professional and knowledge. In this course I learned yoga history, philosophy and asanas, The knowledge help me to gain more understanding of yoga. They show me a good advice how to improve my weakness when I doing yoga. Namaste!
Student ID : 2019001501

I am very glad that I joined the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training. It provides the all-around knowledge of Yoga such as Yoga History, anatomy, techniques of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama. I especially like the Andiappan Yoga class which allows us to learn from different Masters and practice intensively on how to warm up your body and organize your self-practice safely. I truly recommend this YTT to people who want to have a transformative experience in their Yoga journey.
Student ID : 2019001058

I've been practising yoga for years, yet I always have one doubt abt how the yoga class designed and why the flow is like this. After the yoga teacher training, I have a very clear answer. Although I see more physical limitations in myself after the YTT, I'm more determined to share my knowledge and improve my skills.
Student ID : 2019001275

This is a very good course for a beginner like me. Masters are very caring to explain it in detail. Let me understand the purpose and thought of yoga, not just the benefits of pose.
Student ID : 2019001145

Amazing, learned a lot about yoga and myself in this training. I will recommend my friends to learn this training.
Student ID : 2019001339

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