Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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I have learned a lot about Yoga more than I expected. Not only about asana skills, but also teaching skills, anatomy theory, yoga theory, and history. It was a very good time for the last 3 months of training. All the Master and classmate were good and caring. I enjoyed very much.
Student ID : 2018001495
Student Name : Ki Lok Cheung

It's amazing learning, fantastic, wonderful and excellent course for yoga therapy. We studied everything in a detailed manner. I think it is the best yoga therapy teacher training in Hong Kong where each student/yoga teacher should have this knowledge.
Student ID : 2017000092
Student Name : Josephine Chan

It is eye opening to learn the theory and scientific support behind yoga therapy. Yoga is not just about fitness and asanas. Great course by knowledgeable masters. I’m grateful to join the community and help others in need.
Student ID : 2014001965
Student Name : Fiona Yun

Glad that I took the training course at Anahata Yoga and I enjoyed both the theoretical and practical training taught by all the experienced Masters. I thank all the teaching by all the masters which the knowledge and sharing would help me with my yoga practice in the future. Namaste.
Student ID : 2018001107
Student Name : Yuk Ting Jodie Tam

It's very inspiring. Its much easier for me to understand in depth the knowledge of Yoga and posture alignment.
Student ID : 2019000028
Student Name : Megan Tang

This was a very comprehensive course covering a broad range of concepts and injury rehabilitation through yoga. I am very thankful to the kind yoga masters who helped administer the course. My favorite topics were chakras, marma points, meditation, and ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. Injury rehabilitation was less useful for me but it is good to get a basic understanding of adaptive yoga postures for pain management and recovery. Thank you very much, Anahata!
Student ID : 2018000959
Student Name : Erin Yip

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found that teaching was a real strength. The masters are experts and so eager to impart knowledge accumulated over years and years of practice. The course materials provide excellent reference and the workshops and lectures are in depth.
Student ID : 2018001253
Student Name : Sarah King

It has been interesting and enjoying the experience in the course or content being taught.
Student ID : 2019000278
Student Name : Lai Yoong Julie Lim

That's a truly rewarding learning experience for me. As a yoga beginner, I am so glad that I have joined this YTT and built a solid foundation for my yoga practice. All the enthusiastic masters can successfully make a tremendous difference in our motivation and engagement in regards to the training. Thank you very much!
Student ID : 2019000184
Student Name : Stephanie Fung

When I decided to do a yoga teacher training, I expected to challenge myself, strengthen my practice, explore the deep meaning of yoga and of course learn to teach a yoga class. This course has given me everything I expected and hoped to receive; teachers here are experienced and nice, and every classmate here are always being supportive. The course is absolutely life-altering and incredible. I've grown, changed and learned so much about myself and yoga throughout this program. I realize that yoga is not just exercise, it is a way to live a better life! Yoga is the union of the body and soul, a commitment to self-love, cultivation of community. I am so glad I found the courage to embark on this experience. I truly believe everyone needs an experience like this in order to discover how to live yoga in all aspects of life.
Student ID : 2019000027
Student Name : Colleen Wong

The 200 hr YTT is a transformational experience. YTT sounds like the whole point of the course would be to learn to teach. But there are much more to it. It’s more about exploring your interest and passion for yoga and deepening your practice and skills. I love that the teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching yoga.They made a good role model of how a “good” yoga teacher should be. Thank you so much to them. Namaste.
Student ID : 2018000679
Student Name : Kwan Wai Lui

I loved the course. It was so interesting to learn about the theory behind each pose and know the variation and preparations. The course really helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own yoga practice.
Student ID : 2018001470
Student Name : Ann Brooks

I love the module and theories covered in the course being very authentic and filled with traditional Indian culture and beliefs. Obvious progress and improvement can be seen over the training period.
Student ID : 2018001329
Student Name : Ka Yin Christy Wong

It was great learning from such experienced masters who are so passionate about yoga. My practice has improved significantly and I aim to improve my postures going forward. I'm also keen to take more advanced courses to better my understanding and help friends and family.
Student ID : 2018000839
Student Name : Neha D Silva

It was a precious experience to learn various elements of yoga from knowledgeable masters. Masters taught the meaning of yoga philosophy, spiritual and physical practice thoroughly so that I could come to understand why each practice has to be done in a certain way and its benefit. By understanding each practice deeply, it really benefits to improve my daily practice and way to approach especially to the weak point for myself. I particularly enjoyed human anatomy class, it gave me the clue and hint to deepen practice and very importantly it also gave me the caution for injury and how to avoid it. I believe it's crucial to continue Yoga practice as part of my lifestyle in the future. One of the teaching I remember well is that Master Yogananth taught during asana practice "There's no wrong practice but the difference, and we need to understand the difference of anatomies as a teacher to guide student", it was an eye-opening and changed my approach to yoga because I was always focusing on what is the correct way. It changed the way I see each practice and started to think more to understand detail why I'm doing it. I believe my yoga practice is much enriched by taking this 200hours course, and it gave me a sense of joy to continue and discover yoga in my own way.
Student ID : 2018001263
Student Name : Tetsuya Kobayashi

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