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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Deciding to enroll in this teacher training program has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had been practicing yoga for only six months before the course and it has broadened my understanding so incredibly much. It is a great course for beginners with a consistent practice who want to learn more and deepen their understanding of yoga as a whole. It is a very well-rounded course, and includes everything from asana practice to yoga history and literature. Throughout the course, you start to notice and become more aware of your own body and the importance of yoga as a lifestyle. Each master is so well educated and has so much to share. It was such an honor and blessing to learn from them. Additionally, it is such a special experience to practice with the same group of people over a period of time, as we all share a common passion and love for learning. I would have preferred more home study and possibly quizzes to check our understanding of the course content. The recommended readings were great and definitely helped me a lot in my writing assignments and practical assessment. Thank you so much, Anahata Yoga for this experience!
Student ID : 2019001056
Student Name : Vivian Fong

The 200-Hour teacher training provided a thorough and holistic view of yoga for me. After 2 years of practice, I was looking to deepen my understanding of my asana practice and yoga journey as a whole. I connected deeply with the Anatomy module as well as the Ayurvedic modules that I can use in my teaching and practice. Thank you to all the dedicated masters at Anahata who has helped gain more confidence and guided my on my path.
Student ID : 2018001004
Student Name : Teerawat Nantiyakul

Advanced Hatha teacher training was like an awakening to my asana practice. Master Yogananth and Master Mahesh set the tone for what effective, intense, and individualized Hatha Yoga training is. What I appreciated was the detailed anatomical and scientific approach to yoga that made every pose safe and approachable, every movement accessible with time. I am also grateful to have practiced and learn alongside a group of fantastic and inspiring yogis and yoginis who I also consider both teachers and friends. Most important, I received exactly what I wanted and more - I gained more confidence in my teaching as my own practice progressed exponentially through effort and guidance of Masters on and off the mat to open that which was once closed. Thank you.
Student ID : 2018001004
Student Name : Teerawat Nantiyakul

The teacher training course was excellent and very indepth. However, there was so much information covered and retaining all information was a challenge for me. The materials given can be more organised which would help remember and provide a mental structure by which to organize one's learning.
Student ID : 2014002804
Student Name : Daniel Heyer

Teachers are very professional and experienced. This course has enriched and expanded my knowledge and deepened my interest in practicing Yoga as a lifestyle. Thank you
Student ID : 2018001155
Student Name : Yuen Wa Ng

It was a great 200hr-teaching where we could learn a good mix of yoga theory and practice. I find this has given me a very good foundation of yoga and has put on the right track to start to teach and build my own yoga classes. I feel very confident of the steps to go into a pose and come out of it, but it would have been great to get more practice about the sequencing of these different poses. I loved the andiappan yoga classes even if they were optional and really felt this was when you could make the most improvements. Thank you !
Student ID : 2019001124
Student Name : Jingting Deng

A systematic course to learn the philosophy of yoga, asanas and breathing techniques. Teachers are very dedicated and willing to share their knowledge and experience without any reservations. I've learnt a lot from them not only the practice of asanas, but also the attitude of facing challenges in difficult circumstances in life. The teachers are very inspiring. Gain a lot of personal self practice tips from masters in Andiappan yoga classes. Highly recommended for all levels of yoga lovers.
Student ID : 2019000612
Student Name : Eliza Wong

With good teaching team who are very passionate and dedicated. The booking system of the classes can be improved as i enjoy to attend all the lessons.
Student ID : 2019001230
Student Name : So King Chi

This course provided an opportunity to understand my body and changed my daily routine. I started to listen to my body, how to stand, sit, when to sleep and practice. It also inspired me while studying the yoga theory. As it connects to my other life, art life, so well. I'm trying to combine these two lives into one, and sharing it with those in the art scene. I do hope more people could start to practice yoga and benefit from it. I definitely will share the above knowledge and contribute to the community in the future. Thank you Anahata Yoga for offering such a great course.
Student ID : 2019001068
Student Name : Laam Jaffa Lam

It's a precious experience of learning yoga in a traditional and thorough way. From historical background and knowledge to the philosophy, from anatomical and physiological theories to asana practice, from introduction of pranayama and meditation to my inner soul searching, this course opens the door for me to the beautiful world of yoga! I appreciate the patient guidance from the masters I've met, incl. Yogananth, Vishnu, Dhiraj, Mahesh, Guruprit, Raja, Aarya,Yoko, Anuja, Edith. The group classes and Andiappan classes had led me to a significant improvement (though I still have way lots of room to improve haha). I look forward to my next course with Anahata Yoga!
Student ID : 2019001115
Student Name : Lydia Ho

I had wonderful learning and experience in Anahata Yoga. All the Masters and staff are extremely inspiring and helpful!
Student ID : 2019001142
Student Name : Juiyu Celyn Chou

I enjoyed this 200 hours YTT course. I get to know some new friends and the masters. All the masters are very educated and I've learned a lot during this program. Although the three hours classes are very tried after a long day of work, the topics in the syllabus were very interesting that keeps me awake. Never thought there were that much knowledge to know in yoga before taking this course. It was the first time for me taking andiappan classes in this center and I think these classes are very useful for all levels of yoga students. I will definitely come back if I decided to take the advance course! Namaste. Jade
Student ID : 2019001130
Student Name : Wai Shan Jade Chan

After learning yoga from different teachers for 4 years, I found the YTT-200 course offered by Anahata Yoga very systematic and all-rounded. I was taught the science of Yoga, in particular that we need to know the principles behind in order to comprehend the relationship between our anatomy, alignment, muscle engagement and the yoga postures. With teachers from different yoga disciplines and different parts of India, I got a more comprehensive picture of what yoga really is which enables me to make better choice on my future pursues.
Student ID : 2019000923
Student Name : Chung Ho Yin

The course is amazing! Anahata has the best teachers in Hong Kong and I enjoyed every class with the masters.
Student ID : 2019001136
Student Name : Coral Chan

It is a wonderful course to let me know more about yoga. Yoga is not just focus on the poses, it is more in meditation and mindful. I had a great time with Anahata Yoga.
Student ID : 2019000899
Student Name : Pik Yin Bonnie Chung

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