Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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The teachers at Anahata are outstanding. Their knowledge of Yoga and their ability to help students individually is impressive and well worth the cost. I was quite pleased with the course and will likely spend many more hours at Anahata!
Student ID : 2018001177
Student Name : Daniel Nalesnik

After completing level 1, I noticed that I gained a lot in strength and flexibility. I learnt that yoga is a long journey and although I really wanted to achieve some postures, my body regularly reminds me that it needs more time to reach the requested level. In a way, I learnt about patience and listening to my body. I also learnt how some fears can influence the ability to make good postures. For example, until the end of level 2, I was always using the wall for all inversion/ arm balancing poses as I was super scared to fall. With the help of the Masters and regular practice, I progressively tried inversions without the wall and I also practices the fall. Since then my fear are much lower and it is a real improvement for me. I also learnt which postures to use for back pain as it is very useful for me and to teach to people around me. Overall, I learnt a lot about postures, body muscles and joints and most importantly to be aware of my own body, including its strengths and limitations.
Student ID : 2018001056
Student Name : Arnould Laurine

I learnt the strengths and weaknesses of my body through the different postured taught by the Masters. For example, although I was previously aware of my lack of hamstring flexibility, I however discovered that I have a good back bend and that I am quite comfortable with balancing poses. I learnt how to prepare a posture and which counter postures to use to neutralize the stress on the muscles and joints. I also learnt how breathing helps to relax the muscles and find a good balance in different postures.
Student ID : 2018001056
Student Name : Arnould Laurine

I have a good experience after finished this YTT course. I am so glad to know the yoga deeper after finished this course, All Masters in the class are very experienced and teaching enthusiastically in different aspects of yoga. I need to give truth thanks to all of them. They guide us not just teaching asana but all the theory besides yoga. That is well prepared to be being a yoga teacher in future. I also appreciate the andiappan classes practice in this centre, it provides a chance to practice in class with interaction between master and the learners in order to solve the hesitate that they have. It is very important in the improvement of the learning process. I also surprise for the lesson in Panayama, murdra and kriyas, these give a new interesting experience to me that I have never experienced before. On the other hand, I can apply the knowledge I learned in class on my assessment and teaching practice assessment. It helps me to consolidate my knowledge in yoga. At the same time, I would like to give some suggestions after finished the course. This a good coach in my journey of yoga learning .I wish I can be a yoga teacher in one day in order to introduce the benefits of yoga to others, let them enjoy yoga as well.
Student ID : 2018000899
Student Name : Hiu Hung Regina Cheng

I am very happy that I choose the right place to learn my yoga practice. During the courses, I learned more yoga knowledge and understand why so many people nowadays practicing yoga. I think this is a BIG topic to talk about yoga, not only practice on the yoga mat, but it changes a person’s habit, health and patience. Anahata Yoga has very good teachers and masters. They are so kind and friendly, and always have chances for students ask questions. Specially thanks to Master Mahesh, he looks very young, and he is a good and patient teacher. He wants to teach us all the knowledge about yoga ? and his teaching instruction is very clear and easy to understand.
Student ID : 2018001078
Student Name : Christine Li

Yoga and Ayurveda together form a comprehensive and integrated therapeutic working model for maintaining our physical and mental health and resolving conditions of ill health. While it is impossible for any single course to teach all aspects of these two interrelated branches of ancient Vedic knowledge, the course ignited a fire in me to learn the art, science, and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda, from both traditional and modern perspective.
Student ID : 2018000454
Student Name : Duncan Wong

Simply awesome, inspirational and unbelievable! Many thanks for the Masters for their exceptional guidance as well as patience in guiding each student in exploring the potentials of Yoga.
Student ID : 2017000983
Student Name : David Chung

It was an amazing experience, and many thanks to all Masters for their inspirational teaching, and also to my classmates for their support. My entire yogic journey has been transformed by moving closer to the heart of what Yoga is all about.
Student ID : 2017000983
Student Name : David Chung

The course have taught me a lot. Not only on the theory, but how to be a yogi. I have also learn the reasons behind the poses and the sequences, how to think and analysis for each pose based on the anatomy and the type of the pose, how can it combined with the warm up exercise and the neutralising pose. Last but not the least, how it gave me the opportunity to understand more deeply into yoga.
Student ID : 2018000963
Student Name : Pui Ying Kelley Sui

Great content
Student ID : 2018000926
Student Name : Dyana Nagrani

Pranayama and meditation was a perfect course to take after 200Hr of teacher training. It complemented the earlier knowledge very well. The course was well structured and the sessions with Master Yoginath and Master Dheeraj were absolutely brilliant and life changing. The sessions had good mix of theory and practice. I hope I can continue and adopt this learning in my day to day practice.
Student ID : 2018000160
Student Name : Jyoti Awasthy

Its a awesome course and i love it , i like all the teachers and all practise in yoga with them, learnt many technique where no other studio can teach me.
Student ID : 2018000790
Student Name : Hoi Ning Yan

this course is amazing and it was exactly what i was looking to learn in the teacher training. All the masters are well-knowledge, friendly and caring. Now that i finished the course i have more understanding about the history and fundamentals of yoga, alignment principals in each asanas, and how to help students go deeper in each asanas safely. i am glad that i have learnt so much during the theory and piratical class. i would recommend anyone to come and take the course.
Student ID : 2017000868
Student Name : Hiu Ying Maggie Chan

The course really help to improve my alignment, and helps to kwon more about yoga.
Student ID : 2018000749
Student Name : Jessie Chan

Your feedback and learning experience about the course I enjoy the class in Anahata. During the YTT 200hrs, I have spent 3-4 days yoga practice per week. Yoga has become my daily routine. The course is not only equip me some basic knowledge about Yoga, but also train up my patient and body. In this course, I met lots of amazing master. They always give us a clean and cheerful ideas to achieve the goal. We will know how to do the pose in safe way to avoid injury. In this 3 months, I have tried lots of new yoga pose with lots of modifications and verifications. It’s a good ideas for us to practice yoga in different way at different level. I will strongly recommend to my friend to Anahata for this course. Also, I will keep practice here to enhance my yoga knowledge.
Student ID : 2018000699
Student Name : Sze Nga Shiya Cheng

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