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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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It was a wonderful and fruitful yoga journey for me! The course has given me a good introduction to yoga and forms great ground work for my yoga practice and teaching to come in the near future!
Student ID : 2018001021
Student Name : Hilda Hei Yuk Cheng

It was a fantastic experience to study the YTT course at Anahata Yoga School. Thank you for the professional teachers to give us good guidance. I enjoy learning journey with you all.
Student ID : 2018001379
Student Name : Jessica Lee

I am grateful to be able to deepen my knowledge about Yoga through the 200 Hours YTT Training Certificate Course. The course has introduced me to various aspects of Yoga, Asanas, Pranayama, the way to conduct oneself in life as a yogi. All of the masters offer their unique perspective from their own learnings, which has contributed to making the course comprehensive. I could see the difference in both the body and mind since starting the course. This process has set a solid foundation for me to further my life long journey, as a student and/or a teacher to share the benefits of practicing yoga to people around me.
Student ID : 2018001477
Student Name : Pui Ying Velma Law

I really enjoyed doing the course, I feel it has given me a good grounding in the history of yoga, the anatomy of the body and the correct way to do some main asanas.
Student ID : 2019000195
Student Name : Hannah Lawer

Broadened my knowledge about yoga. Appreciate if we could have more lecture hours to learn more asanas and had more time to practice teaching in a group. Thank you
Student ID : 2019000120
Student Name : Pui Zee Peggy Chan

I like the course very much, especially the Anatomy and Asana module. It was amazing and beyond my expectation. Thank you.
Student ID : 2018001104
Student Name : Asura Chan

I m so happy that I can learn more YOGA, and so very enjoy the class with classmate:) The class made me more confidence. Thank you so much!
Student ID : 2018000956
Student Name : Wai Sze Joey Fong

Such a learnable and meaningful yoga training course. It's not only learning the asana also the history and theory of yoga. Anahata is a traditional yoga school and the classes are very useful. I will join the Anahata community to try to teach the people in need. I also recommended this school to my friend who wish to have yoga class.
Student ID : 2018000965
Student Name : Shiu Ling Stella Ng

The Yoga Teacher Training Course has brought me a new experience of learning and practicing yoga. It not only enriches my knowledge about the history of yoga and anatomy of the human body but also enables me to gain sufficient strength and skills for doing more difficult postures such as handstand through series of intensive training. The tutors, in particular, the course faculties are all very professional and I have learned a lot from them about the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga.
Student ID : 2019000032
Student Name : Mang Yee Lam

A very informative first TTC for me and it gives the fundamental blocks of what yoga therapy is and how it is related to yoga practice as a whole. Some learnings and practice could apply to myself. A lot of in-depth studies and experiences are required to become a full-fledged yoga therapist after this course.
Student ID : 2018000288
Student Name : Sau Chun Eliza Yeung

After practicing yoga for so many years in Asana, this YTT has given me a deep insight and understand my body better. I love this pranayama and meditation course which helps me in Asana practice and learned more about calming my mind and body.
Student ID : 2019000181
Student Name : Irene Tan

I found the course very comprehensive and have given me a very detailed and structured understanding of yoga. I also found Masters are very helpful, knowledgable and passionate about yoga. I have learnt not only asanas and theories from them, but also attitude and the psychological aspects about yoga. I would definitely recommend this to my friends who are interested to deepen their yoga knowledge in the future.
Student ID : 2018001252
Student Name : Katherine Pang

The course is comprehensive and I was able to learn about different aspects of yoga for better practice. The teachers are great.
Student ID : 2018001278
Student Name : Julie Cheng

Great training! Great teachers! Great Reception staff! Will definitely miss all the learning and passion! Thank you for a fantastic experience!
Student ID : 2018001349
Student Name : Rutvi Modi

The course is very detailed and informative. All the masters are very professional and their experience sharing is inspiring.
Student ID : 2018001224
Student Name : Katrina Kwong

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