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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Truly Yoga from the Heart. Very supportive and patient teachers. Highly recommended.
Student ID : 2018001476
Student Name : Rita Wong

The Level 1 Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training was a very challenging yet enjoyable experience for me, in which I furthered my practice in yoga and gained insight into the future paths that I could take as a yoga enthusiast.
Student ID : 2018000267
Student Name : Shing Chun Yu

The Level 2 Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training was a very challenging yet enjoyable experience for me, in which I furthered my practice in yoga and gained insight into the future paths that I could take as a yoga enthusiast.
Student ID : 2018000267
Student Name : Shing Chun Yu

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course! It's been a great journey of self-discovery!
Student ID : 2019000401
Student Name : Eugenia Costa Ng

Very informative and the Asana module is awesome. thank you very much!
Student ID : 2019000555
Student Name : Ka Man Karen Ho

After learning yoga classes, my personal application of it can be summarized into the following three aspects: 1. Soothing mood. After a busy work life, I often feel heavy headed, slow thinking and depression. During this time, I practice yoga under the guidance of a coach so that I could throw away the troublesome thinking, and put awareness on my own breathing, at the same time with the body position to stimulate the body's sympathetic, enhance my body activity. This is good for delighting my mood and stabilizing my emotions I believe this is the first time many yoga practitioners feel the most intense thing. 2. To improve body shape and health. Due to the lack of a fit body, especially accumulated fat around abdomen, back and other core areas of the body, which resulted in pelvis ante-version, chest and other issues, especially the anterior pelvis will bring leg deformation. I am using yoga exercises to enhance the strength of the core muscles, which also gradually improve body shape such as leg lines. My body becomes firmer and my body stretches more. In addition, my years of breast hyperplasia and headache problems have also been very significant improvements. 3. Help self-control. I remember when I started practicing yoga, even in front of the mirror and in the presence of case of a coach demonstration, my action is still not in the form. After practicing the conscious observation of my body, I rely on my own consciousness to sense the turning, stretching of each muscle and skeleton in my body. Gradually strengthen self-body communication skills, as well as the ability to control the body. This ability to control my own body will not only make my yoga style more beautiful standard, but also to drive my body's mobility.
Student ID : 2017000442
Student Name : Ching Susan Hui

All the masters are a very patient teacher and he goes all out to make sure that we understand their teachings. They all did a lot of demonstrations for the poses which not only help me but also those of us who were not quite sure of the actual position and movement of the joints during the anatomy lessons. They also made sure we understand the sutras by incorporating them during the asana practice. We learned so much about how to sequence a class as we went through the sequence of different asanas practice by asking us to identify the component parts and the preparatory poses for the peak pose of the sequence. The dedication and sincerity in their teaching has been an inspiration for me to deepen my practice further. Feedbacks were given on our teaching skills and styles; our strong areas as well as areas which needed improvement. I am glad that I have finally found my voice and am more confident in my teaching, and is beginning to have a better idea of how to give clear instructions for the poses. One of the most important notes for me to take away from the course is the importance of alignment and how it helps us better understand and experience the asanas. Also that yoga goes way beyond the physical postures.
Student ID : 2017000713
Student Name : Wan Yin Vian Chak

It was truly remarkable experience taking a YTT program at Anahata Yoga. Through the YTT program, I was even more in love with my yoga practice. All masters are very experience, professional, knowledgeable and compassion. They show us unconditional love with good energy, guidance, support and encouragement. I was very inspired and motivated by their passion to yoga. Yoga become part of my life now, I'll say is a life transforming program and i found myself and feel so great that I can be a better me everyday. I really love the tradition India yoga teaching with unlimited yoga posture that i felt so excited to come to the class everytime to learn something new. My heartfelt gratitude to such a amazing team, words really cant express how appreciate and grateful to the team of "YOGA FROM THE HEART", for sure, I'll be keep practicing yoga and pass it on what I had learn from here.
Student ID : 2019000340
Student Name : Ching Yee Mak

This course provided me broad knowledge about yoga. I have gained valuable experience in my yoga journey. Thank you all the Yoga Masters' guidance and support.
Student ID : 2019000193
Student Name : Queenie Ka Man Lau

I loved every single day of this training. Especially the anatomical and the ayurvedic topics broadened my knowledge about yoga and how it can help to treat different health conditions. I find 300 hours were not enough though to cover everything, In general i would recommend this training wholeheartedly and find it essential & crucial knowledge for any aspiring yoga teacher. The teachers were absolutely amazing and i'm proud to say that i feel like i'm learning from the best masters in HK!!
Student ID : 2018000335
Student Name : Edith Bernard

Yogananth and Vishnu are great teachers and very experienced for the yoga practice and teaching and very are knowledgeable yoga masters. Not only I have learnt the yoga demonstration and teaching techniques but also the yoga philosophy which really impact my daily life. My feeling is that yoga is a board subject. The course has equipped me to further explore the yoga world and both master really encouraged me to further study and investigate the yoga knowledge. Mahesh is always helping his student sincerely.
Student ID : 2017000385
Student Name : Shuk Ming Wong

I found the course to be very rewarding because I gained more knowledge about yoga therapy and ayurveda. I am interested to learn in how different types of diet can help different people heal their bodies in a natural way. In addition, I was pleased to learn something about yogic anatomy, which can help me in my yoga teaching. However, I had hoped to learn about anatomy of conditions in greater detail. Learning about pranayama and meditation and how to share it improved me as a yoga teacher. Overall, the course has met my expectations.
Student ID : 2014001941
Student Name : Sara Oh Kyung Yang

Hello. My name is William. I was really surprised to have met many different great Indian masters inone ytt class. They have definitely satisfied all my knowledge yearning in the course, from anatomy, asana, to history of yoga, they are all very profoundly knowledgeable. For practice, I feel that they really know about my body, and can give the right suggestion. My body is extremely inflexible, even some basic postures are very beyond my ability, but teachers could always find the way to give me variations. And most importantly, through the class, I have learnt the ability to give variations to the others too. I think the most memorable moment, is when Master Yogananth Andiappan shared about his practice and his challenges in practice and teaching. I can feel that he is a very respectable yoga master, and meanwhile a very humble and honest human being. He is open to share about his feelings and stories with us as students and as friends, which lets me what a yoga master should be like, which is, to be connected with people. His presence is very impressive and will be influencing me a lot in my yoga journey, I'm sure. I also love Master Mahesh a lot, he is a very kind person, always having a gentle smile with us, and I am thankful that when he saw my limitations, he taught me some useful recovery poses. All other teachers are also very, outstanding and good, that I am forever thankful to have this 3 month close relationship with. Thank you again. And the reception staff are all very kind, it is a very happy experience studying in Anahata Yoga! I will keep my practice after the TTC. Thank you so much!! Hari Om.
Student ID : 2018001143
Student Name : Wai Lim Chan

I was very happy with this course. I found the training to be of high quality. My approach to yoga has completely changed. A special thank you to Master Vishnu for his generosity in sharing his knowledge for such an extended period of time!
Student ID : 2018000275
Student Name : Pauline Klemberg

Being a student of various yoga traditions and practices since 1996, I am profoundly grateful for all of the learning experiences taking place at Anahata in Hong Kong. It has been a haven of happiness to practice under the guidance of Yogananth, Mahesh, Nirmal, Vishnu, and Dhiraj. Many thanks!
Student ID : 2019000375
Student Name : Heather Anne Linhardt

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