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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you!
Student ID : 2018001474
Student Name : Camelia Tang

I start to do yoga back to 6 years ago, at the very beginning I was thinking of doing yoga because of losing weight. Until end of last year I realized I was facing serious pressure towards work and family financial problem which leads to a bit depression of myself, mentally and physically I feel so tired and I even cried at home. At that point the inner me told myself that I need to learn to be peaceful in my heart and I feel yoga could bring that benefits to me by learning breathing technique and doing asanas. That's why I joined the 200 hours YTT training at Anahata Yoga. At the beginning when I first goes to the lecture class, I feel so impressed of yoga's history and its philosophy. Remember Master Dhiraj asked us: "have you ever think of what is the purpose of being here in the universal? What is the purpose of that?" It was like a light bulb over my head and I start thinking of that question continuously. Until mid of July my husband suddenly passed away without any reason during his business trip until now (as it's still under investigation but I believe he is working too hard with lake of rest). I truly believe that through yoga it could bring me peaceful heart and mind at this moment - the toughest situation and hardest time of my life. Thank you for Master Mahesh to teach me some simple breathing and meditation pose which could bring my mind into peaceful. Sometime I think that everything happened for a reason and I am still figure out what god wants me to understand, to learn. After 200 Hrs YTT training I realize there are still so many things I need to learn or know from yoga, I am still green as a yoga teacher.... I even thinking of going further to advance level of YTT training, to know more about the truth behind yoga. Or maybe I should go to Andiappan college in India and to further understand Yoga or to understand oneself with the universe's connection. Thank you for all Master who taught me. May you all be happy. May you all be well.
Student ID : 2018000532
Student Name : Chui Mei Debby Poon

It's amazing yoga journey for me of taking this Yoga Teacher Course in Anahata Yoga Centre. As I only expected for improvements in yoga postures after this course, it has broaden my horizon and enriched my knowledge in Yoga Practice with its long history, meditation and breathing exercises, yogic anatomy and physiology etc. I am especially impressed by learning yogic anatomy and physiology which allows me to know more about my body and is helpful for my attempt to do some advanced yoga posture without the fear of injury and hurt. After the 3 months training, I am surprised to see my changes in term of both physical and mental. I am physically stronger in practising yoga poses and I am more positive and enthusiastic in trying some advanced yoga poses. Furthermore, it is always happy and pleasant to practice yoga with friends and buddies whom I met in the classes sharing the same goals and targets. It is definitely one of my unforgettable memories and experiences in my lifetime.
Student ID : 2019000365
Student Name : Man Yu Anita Wong

Learnt a lot from this course, I can see significant improvement in my asana practice!
Student ID : 2019000871
Student Name : Kok Shong Yew

Very fruitful learning experience with Master Yogananth. Can learn more about how to do an asana easily with sufficient warm ups and proper understanding of anatomy.
Student ID : 2018000325
Student Name : Wing Hung Cherrie Lui

I got to learn the philosophy of yoga which helps me to turn yoga to my lifestyle. The masters are professional in their field of learning. Yet, more asana can be taught, the scheduled hours of learning pranayama can be shorter.
Student ID : 2019000425
Student Name : Wai Shan Kwong

it was a truly inspiring experience. Teachers here are passionate about yoga as well as sharing their knowledge with all of us. It was like the best decision i have ever made in my life. By taking this course, my understanding of yoga is lifted to a higher level. The profound knowledge, and history of yoga, anatomy and philosophy are fascinating. I would love to further my yoga journey in this centre.
Student ID : 2019000639
Student Name : Karen Tang

I have learnt so much about yoga after taking this 200 hour YTT. All masters are very knowledgable and explain everything in great details. I have evolved so much within and it is reflected in my practice. I will continue my journey in Anahata Yoga as this is really the true and authentic place that has it all. I highly recommend this 200 hour YTT for anyone who wants to know deeper about yoga. This will change the way you practice!
Student ID : 2019000455
Student Name : Pui Ki Yip

I have learned a lot from this yoga course. The yoga course is properly divided into 5 modules. I especially like the yoga philosophy, the anatomy and the asana modules, where I think I have learned concepts and knowledge that I cannot learn from regular yoga classes. I would say the yoga training is an introductory course that prepares yogis that are interested in knowing more about each posture and the anatomy behind.
Student ID : 2019000813
Student Name : Joanne Chung Nga Lai

Wonderful experience, all the masters are very knowledgeable and earnest, teach us not only the techniques and theory but also demonstrated the quality of a yogi. I respect them with the whole-heart.
Student ID : 2019000578
Student Name : Celia Ngai

It was a fruitful experience during YTT-200 course. All masters are sharing their knowledge, professional skills and experience to us in the lesson. They offer guidance to us, which made us to understand our body and ourself, getting improvement in my yoga journey. Anahata Yoga is really a nice place to study and practice yoga.
Student ID : 2018001512
Student Name : Yee Man Amy Yau

The proper practice techniques made me improved a lot. It was great to know the way on how to get into those advanced asana step by step. Thank you!
Student ID : 2018000945
Student Name : Sin Yi Yeung

The proper practice techniques made me improved a lot. It was great to know the way on how to get into those advanced asana step by step. Thank you!
Student ID : 2018000945
Student Name : Sin Yi Yeung

I feel the master is really professional. During the lessons, we have been taught many about theory and the technique that we are not able to learn from regular classes. But it would be good to have more class practice of the postures in the class with the master or may be outdoor class would be good too. =) In general we are really happy for taking the courses. Namaste.
Student ID : 2019000140
Student Name : Tsz Kwan Sue Chau

It is a splendid experience to attend this comprehensive yoga teacher training course and to learn yoga history, philosophy and asanas from the experienced Masters. During the lectures and group classes, I have met many fellow yoga student friends and we shared a lot of our own yoga experience and what we learnt from attending various recommended group classes. I will definitely continue my yoga journey in this place. Namaste!
Student ID : 2019000251
Student Name : Wan Mei Wong

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