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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Great atmosphere and learning materials to get a wider glimpse of what yoga is all about. The one thing I loved the most is that all of the masters teach with a big heart and are always welcome to give inspirations and knowledge to the students, so glad to be a new part of the yoga community!
Student ID : 2018001202
Student Name : Veronica Shiu

It's the right choice to begin the yoga journey with Anahata and all lovely masters here. An inspiring course that not only provide a chance for me to know the real yoga philosophy and anatomy topics, also they have shown us how to apply the yoga philosophy in daily life and how to become a good teacher to influence others. All masters are experienced, hearted and encouraged, we enjoy every lesson with them.
Student ID : 2018000944
Student Name : Sin Ling Chu

So happy that I chose Anahata Yoga to have my 200hr yoga teacher training course, I have a very great time during the course. All masters are very professional, they teach me a lot. Thank you.
Student ID : 2018001312
Student Name : Yu Man Leung

It was an incredible journey to be able to learn yoga in-depth and from Masters who are so knowledgable. I could see improvements within myself mentally as well as physically. It has been an awarding experience to learn the benefits of yoga and how it can help to heal many people. This is truly one of the events deemed as 'life-changing" and inspiring. It has been humbling to be taught by all the Masters at Anahata and learn from them. This is a first step to continue a life of balance in the mind and body.
Student ID : 2018001279
Student Name : Bernice Choi

Thank you all the wonderful teachers on the teacher training! I first enrolled in the training on the thought that I wanted to become a healthy person by doing an asana with a training certificate; I have never push myself doing any advance poses like headstand and shoulder stand, in the fourth month time that my body become more relax then I can do a headstand during the training class. That is really surprise me that I can make it! I have learned that yoga is the combination of mind, body and soul; everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. After the training i find myself become more confident and calm in my daily life. Namaste!
Student ID : 2018001352
Student Name : Tracy Chiu

The beautiful experience shared with my yogi/yogini friends and the learning through the teachers during the TT, made me understand and reflect on how yoga goes beyond the usual stereotypes we see in the social media and everyday life. Yoga is not about crazy and impossible poses, it’s something more profound, is a way of living, a spiritual and physical development that allows understanding ourselves and all the living beings. We are all interconnected, that’s the beauty of life and that’s what yoga means, union. Find the balance that brings us to live our lives, the real dream, at the fullest, achieving personal goals and helping others to do so. Only in this way we can be happy and make others happy too. During this training, I’ve also enjoyed the different approaches that each teacher had and the fact that we must use our own insight to filter knowledge and information that we get from the external sources. The teacher doesn’t mean that he/she is always right, but our own perception of things, knowledge, and research will guide us into the right path. Thanks again to all the teacher for their sharing and the good time spent together. Namaste
Student ID : 2018001195
Student Name : Giordano Caldarini

The course is very detailed and informative. And the masters are sharing their experiences and knowledge which are inspiring. Thanks:)
Student ID : 2018000481
Student Name : Colby Chan

My purpose to join this course was deepening my yoga knowledge and practice. I have been very much satisfied with the course so far. Thank you very much.
Student ID : 2018001508
Student Name : Carolyn Kim

I've enjoyed the course and thanks for all efforts from masters, they are professional, well knowledge and helpful, they help to improve my yoga postures and give very good advise on teaching techniques. The course also gives an overall understanding of the history and theories of yoga, it was a very inspiring course!
Student ID : 2019000132
Student Name : Chuen Chuen Wu

I had so much fun during the learning period of this course. All the support from the students and teachers are great. This course gave a good overview of the basics of yoga. Good experience. Thank you
Student ID : 2018001416
Student Name : Grace Lee

I have been practicing meditation on my own almost every day in the past two years. The course, on the one hand, gives me much more knowledge about pranayama and meditation. On the other hand, it let us experience different types of meditation for us to teach with not only techniques but also self-experience. To me, it is also a good complementary to what I have learned in the 300-hour Yoga Therapy Training.
Student ID : 2018000454
Student Name : Duncan Wong

For anyone looking to advance their practise and yoga journey, this is the course.
Student ID : 2018000999
Student Name : Jenny Hatter

Learned so much in this course. very elaborate teaching.
Student ID : 2018000999
Student Name : Jenny Hatter

Very interesting and informative. All basic fundamentals are covered in this course!
Student ID : 2018000999
Student Name : Jenny Hatter

I learnt a lot through the course. The masters were all professional and willing to teach and share. I also enjoyed the Andiappan sessions which I could easily ask the masters questions if I have any doubts.
Student ID : 2018001328
Student Name : Cici Tam

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