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This is my second Yoga Teacher Training course and I have learnt and benefited a lot from this course.

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in women’s life. So this makes me very curious about prenatal yoga. As I’m a yoga lover (I’m also a woman?), I would like to know how yoga can help with a pregnancy and this course was most educational.

I have learnt about physiological and emotional changes in pregnancy period. Pregnant women may have different conditions like depression, back pain and insomnia… etc. I am now more fully appreciate the sacrifice of mother.

I have learnt many interdictions and asana suitable for pregnant women and what to avoid during this period now. I hope my knowledge can help with my teaching of pregnant women.

Finally, I do want to thank all Masters who had taught me in this course. They are all very kind and professional, I hope I can join other advanced classes in the coming year!

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It’s an informative yet fun course. Many different instructors were involved in introducing different topics concerning pregnancy including yoga asanas for pregnant women and Ayurveda advice. All the students enjoyed the class and the instructors were very willing to answer all our questions during and after the class.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the 100 Hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course with all the masters in Anahata. They were outstanding in leading us through their fully immersive program. Its my third Teacher Training I have completed in Anahata and all the courses material was structured so brilliantly and systematically; that we were able to cover a plethora of topics in a relatively short amount of time - and retain it! We dove deeply into beautiful pranayama and asana practices and learnt how to craftfully structure a class energetically and physically.

I have learned more about myself, happiness, compassion for others and most importantly, listen to my body as a mom-to-be!

Thank you Master Yogananth, Master Mahesh & Master Vishnu!

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The YTT course inspired me about the aims on practicing yoga rather than just doing the asanas. It is not only about the training on yoga, also taught me about the spiritual of life. I have totally changed about yoga what I have understood previously. I can feel the differences on my mental and practical aspects after the YTT course. I am really treasure that I could attend the YTT training at Anahata. In Anahata, all staffs are really friendly and helpful.  
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The classes and teachers are very professional, the course helps me to have a deeper understanding of Yoga, helps me to develop in full set of knowledge in yoga. I enjoyed the classes very much especially the Asana classes.    
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It's been a few days that I reflect on how to recap in a comment the Yoga Therapy course and the image that continues to come to my mind is that of a full backpack because, figuratively, this is what I finally brought to home. Master Visnhu has transmitted to me many of his infinite knowledge, not only what it concerns anatomy, but above all Ayurveda (a world so far unknown to me), Tredosha, Marma and diet, as well as making me a better teacher, have changed my way of practicing Yoga. Master Yogananth is pure anatomy in motion. In a few hours he manages to enrich the knowledge of his students and to transmit all his love and his passion for Yoga. If I look in the backpack, I find what you have transmitted in those months, the wealth of experiences that you have given me and especially the desire to get involved to make it excellent. Now it only depends on me to make the most of this incomparable "knowing" and start to use it. Namasté.  
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  1. I can know more about yoga by studying the anatomy, pranayama and body constitutes types, marma points that I did not know before.
  1. Yoga is a sophiscated study that many issues are interrelated. Such as Air, Earth, Wind, etc have their own with the human beings.
  1. Amazing when I am doing the assignment, I have the chance to apply the yogic knowledge practically. It is an valued experiential learning process for future.
  1. Information and knowledge is enough on the notes.
  1. In fact, I have a good harvest to study this course which can nurture my yogic value, knowledge and skills.
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I really enjoyed this 3-month training within Anahata Yoga Studio. I think I discovered the world of yoga therapy. I believe that I improved my practical skills. I learnt variations of some asanas, their benefits to the body and mind, and the way to teach them. I explored a face of yoga, not well known in Western countries: the technics of Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas that are very interesting in many health issues.    
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I completed my 200 hour teacher training course at Anahata in 2016, and came back to Anahata for this 300 hour yoga therapy teacher training course in 2017 because I really enjoyed my experience here, and all teachers are very knowledgeable. I like that this course taught us yoga therapy from the traditional Ayurveda approach. Ideally, the hours of theory teaching can be increased since there is so much to learn about yoga therapy.    
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The programme is comprehensive. Anatomy and asana sessions were taught in detail. Master Vishnu delivered fantastic sessions on anatomy and physiology. I enjoyed his classes a lot. In conclusion, the programme was informative and practical. If duration of the course can be lengthened a bit, I am sure I can benefit even more.    
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I feel blessed choosing Anahata to study my Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Teaching kids is different from teaching adults. It needs skills and experience to become a good kids yoga teacher. Anahata provides plenty opportunity for students to gain experience in teaching. I would recommend my friends to study here as well.    
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“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kids Yoga Teacher Training. All Masters are extremely knowledgeable and shared with us extremely valuable information and wisdom which builds a strong foundation as we embark on becoming Kids Yoga Teachers as well as for our own practice.  The training is completely comprehensive programme from the child's anatomy, asanas and modifications for various age groups, breathing, yoga games, teaching practicals, etc. all whilst maintaining the fun element because it is after all for kids. Masters would always wholeheartedly answer our questions and be open to any clarifications and doubts as well.  Another thing I would like to share is that the environment was very encouraging and supportive and the group always helped one another out - I believe this is an important point for the learning and the full credit goes to the Masters and the full Anahata Yoga team who created such atmosphere. Personally speaking, this warm and welcoming environment in the teacher's training, as well as Anahata Yoga as a whole, is something I genuinely like and believe is important.  I've completed the training and look forward to growing as a Kids Yoga Teacher!” Student ID IYATT-3291          
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The course timing is great for people who has a full time job. I especially enjoyed the sections led by Master Yogananth and Vishnu. The course could give students more time to finish the andiappan classes as they are super useful
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I have learned yoga for 3 years but it was actually my first time learning floor yoga. For the past two years, I devoted myself completely in Aerial (or Flying / Antigravity) Yoga because I love the way it helped me concentrate and clear my mind. One day, one of my friends suggested me to get a teacher certificate because they found my skills useful for them; since that day, things changed. The IYATT-200 hour course has been fulfilling to me. The masters are very professional and caring, they are patient in answering our questions and clearing our concepts, making sure that we understand everything fully. Some masters here are rather cool, but their coolness motivated me to self-practice, this is a big change in me since I had been relying much on my yoga teacher before. Upon completion of the course, I have better understanding about myself. I find that I could be quite stressed when I am in a large group and I tend to compare myself with others, I could be so pressured that it even affected my performance in class. What I have to learned is to deal with stress and expectations on myself, this is a subject that I had been learning since I was 13 years old, the year I suffered from Depression. This course helped me to learn to let go of the negativity in life, or straightly speaking, embrace them as part of my life journey. I really want to express my gratitude to all the Masters for delivering and arranging well-planned lessons, activities, experiences and sharing with all of us. They have made Yoga an even better and inspirational journey for me.
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“This is my first official training. I had after practicing yoga for two years. I really appreciate the effort the instructors put into and I feel like I now understand yoga in another new (but good kind of way) perspective. Ever since I injured my back in the beginning of 2017. I know I have not been practicing yoga in the correct way. This teacher training course reminds me that yoga is not only about asnans, but the connection of mind of body. If there is one thing that I would like to suggest, is the layout and content of the course book. Some of the pages are missing certain words and even certain paragraph (e.g. in the muscle movement part). I understand the course book is only assisting us with the course, but would like to have a fully written course book so that we can revise the content by ourselves. I enjoyed the teacher training course very much.” Student ID IYATT-3120
Student ID : IYATT-3120
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