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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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The 200 hr YTT is a transformational experience. YTT sounds like the whole point of the course would be to learn to teach. But there are much more to it. It’s more about exploring your interest and passion for yoga and deepening your practice and skills. I love that the teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching yoga.They made a good role model of how a “good” yoga teacher should be. Thank you so much to them. Namaste.
Student ID : 2018000679
Student Name : Kwan Wai Lui

I loved the course. It was so interesting to learn about the theory behind each pose and know the variation and preparations. The course really helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own yoga practice.
Student ID : 2018001470
Student Name : Ann Brooks

I love the module and theories covered in the course being very authentic and filled with traditional Indian culture and beliefs. Obvious progress and improvement can be seen over the training period.
Student ID : 2018001329
Student Name : Ka Yin Christy Wong

It was great learning from such experienced masters who are so passionate about yoga. My practice has improved significantly and I aim to improve my postures going forward. I'm also keen to take more advanced courses to better my understanding and help friends and family.
Student ID : 2018000839
Student Name : Neha D Silva

It was a precious experience to learn various elements of yoga from knowledgeable masters. Masters taught the meaning of yoga philosophy, spiritual and physical practice thoroughly so that I could come to understand why each practice has to be done in a certain way and its benefit. By understanding each practice deeply, it really benefits to improve my daily practice and way to approach especially to the weak point for myself. I particularly enjoyed human anatomy class, it gave me the clue and hint to deepen practice and very importantly it also gave me the caution for injury and how to avoid it. I believe it's crucial to continue Yoga practice as part of my lifestyle in the future. One of the teaching I remember well is that Master Yogananth taught during asana practice "There's no wrong practice but the difference, and we need to understand the difference of anatomies as a teacher to guide student", it was an eye-opening and changed my approach to yoga because I was always focusing on what is the correct way. It changed the way I see each practice and started to think more to understand detail why I'm doing it. I believe my yoga practice is much enriched by taking this 200hours course, and it gave me a sense of joy to continue and discover yoga in my own way.
Student ID : 2018001263
Student Name : Tetsuya Kobayashi

The course has given me a lot of different perspective on yoga and not just limit on asana. My knowledge and understanding of different pose have also given me a lot of benefit and thoughts on how to treat my neck pain and shoulder pain. All the teachers are very knowledgable and helpful to provide guidance on how to improve posture with breathing technique.
Student ID : 2018001359
Student Name : Wendy Choo

The learning experience has been profound. I learned much more about the subject of yoga being more than physical postures and the experience to try to teach is valuable. After the YTT, I learned much more even when I am in a regular yoga class. I observed the teacher and learn from each of them in order to find my own practice and style. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful.
Student ID : 2018001089
Student Name : Connie Chan

It was a wonderful learning experience in Anahata Yoga. It is the best yoga school that I have ever attended. Full of knowledgeable and attentive masters, practical learning practice, and informative theory classes that open up my eyes. I really want to learn more to equip myself well enough to help and share my yoga experience with others in the future. I highly recommended to all who wants to learn from a classical and traditional yoga from India.
Student ID : 2018001108
Student Name : Hui Yan Koty Lin

I have learned yoga in other studios for years, but I was still confused about the alignment of postures. Therefore, I have joined this YTT course for better understanding of the correct alignment. However, this course gave me more than I expected. After this course, I know more about what yoga is, how human anatomy related to yoga, the breathing techniques, and the ways to practicing asanas, etc. The yoga masters are experienced and professional, and they are the best yoga masters I have met so far. I would highly recommend this course to those who want to further study on yoga.
Student ID : 2018001501
Student Name : Tsz Yan Ho

The course is very comprehensive and informative. All the masters are knowledgable, experienced, patience and inspiring, which is the essence of the course that you cannot find elsewhere. I am glad that I began my yoga journey here. It was an incredible experience overall. Thank you all the wonderful teachers on the teacher training and thx for having me.
Student ID : 2018000906
Student Name : Ming Tung Grace Chu

I am extremely inspired to learn and I came to this training to gain a better understanding of myself and for more personal growth along with deepening my yoga practice. I am leaving with much more love and compassion for myself, something I have long struggled with. When I decided to do a yoga teacher training, I expected to challenge myself, strengthen my practice, and of course learn to teach a yoga class. This experience has given me everything I expected and hoped to receive and so much more. The ANAHATA Yoga from the heart journey is absolutely life-altering and incredible. I've learned so much about myself, other people, and life through this program. I truly believe everyone needs an experience like this in order to heal, and discover how to live yoga in all aspects of life. The group we had in "Anahata Yoga" was unbeatable. We were immersed in yoga and the people around us and the teachers. I'm extremely grateful for my experience teachers and will forever carry the experience with me. "Anahata Yoga" has truly given me a fresh perspective. It has taught me things about myself that I never acknowledged before. It showed me that by learning to trust the process, we can see beauty in the heartaches too. Thanks for everything!
Student ID : 2018001403
Student Name : Kit Ying Candy Au

Time files! It is now the 5th month of my yoga journey. I started my 40 hours self-practice a month early before YTT started. It is because I've never practiced yoga before. Therefore, I need much more time to understand it. ?Every movement, every breath I learnt amazed me! After attending YTT, I found that yoga is a vast topic that is worth learning for life. Especially the "eight limbs" inspires me so much. Patanjali says, “look more deeply at what the body is. The more you clean it, the more you realize that it is an impermanent, decaying thing. Sacha helps break up excessive fixation with your body, or the bodies of others.” ? All Masters put so much effort to teach us. They always do adequate warm-up and preparation, show us clear demonstration step by step, understand our limitations and give us suitable advice. Now I will practice more, and look for more challenging courses later, like Hatha Advance, Yoga Therapy, Kids Yoga, etc. to deepen my yoga knowledge in the future. Thanks again to all Masters!
Student ID : 2019000006
Student Name : Wai Ming Stella Law

Amazing experience! This course did not only deepen my knowledge about yoga but also introduced me to a brand new healthy lifestyle. Allowing me to understand how yoga is not just about Asanas but to connect our body, mind, and spirit and live the moment. I cannot wait to share my knowledge and insights promoting to the community and help people in need. This course has definitely helped lead me to pursue my dream into reality!
Student ID : 2019000076
Student Name : Tiffany Yip

Overall, I have enjoyed the course. This was my first teacher training course, I like the anatomy theory part and also the history of yoga. The partner system in the class helping each other out in the pose was a great idea, the teammates were very supportive. The teachers are passionate about the students and knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed the pranayama and meditations module, it has given me clearer guidance on breathing and meditation. The practice of asanas and pranayama will prepare us for meditation. The yoga is just not practiced on the mat and is also part of our lifestyle as mentioned by Master Yoganath. Thank you very much to all the teachers. I look forward to my Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course in June 2019!
Student ID : 2019000209
Student Name : Shu Kwan TU

It was one of my fantastic journey in my life attending 200hrs YTT in Anahata with guidance from Master Yogananth, Master Mahesh and Master Vishnu. They are all very professional and experience in teaching yoga. I realized learning yoga is not only about how flexible and difficult pose you achieved but about reaching beyond your limit, self-improvement and meditation both in emotions and mind. This going to benefit life long.
Student ID : 2019000040
Student Name : Rosa Lee

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